Nosh Mistry: Into Zanskar–The Ladakh Less Travelled


October 30, 2014

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Nosh Mistry points us to a fantastic video of his motorcycling trip in remote Zanskar in Ladakh, Kashmir, India.

Nosh writes

“…..About the trip itself, it was absolutely unplanned. I wanted to visit Phuktal monestary in the Zanskar, I was in India as we were dispersing the ashes of our 20 month old son whom we lost in a tragic accident in January. But life has a momentum of its own.

Somethings are best unplanned. Just got told by an uncle that he has been planning a trip to Ladakh since the price of diesel was Rs. 26.72.  Now it is Rs. 61.79 and he is still planning.

Hopefully we can go together next year as I am organizing 3 motorcycle tour trips in September and October….”

Readers of Parsi Khabar will remember Nosh Mistry being featured as an ace cyclist at the Australian National Championship in 2012


Into Zanskar – the Ladakh less travelled from Nosh Mistry on Vimeo.