Not Just Milk and Sugar


January 3, 2018

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Not Just Milk and Sugar is a beautiful film written and directed by good friend and brilliant young director Divya Cowasji.

Not Just Milk & Sugar is an accessible inquiry into the Zoroastrian faith, its basic teachings, uniqueness, and myths. Through a bedtime story told by a grandfather to his grandson, the relevance of this ancient faith in today’s modern world unfolds as a simple and beautiful ecological message. A film written & directed by Divya Cowasji, produced by Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India for Jiyo Parsi.


  1. Naushirwan Pudumjee

    Reviewing from start to finish, come on now, “Elementary Watson”, “Kindergarten Kid” stuff, literally & metaphorically, eg, vulture talk, Charity?,
    Then for laughs, to Hyenas, Tigers, Lions, a mini zoo, ranibaug, in/on your “Dakhmu”, not a bad idea.
    Food for the Petit Minds, Zarathustrist is never complete, for it is beyond Space & Time in this Universe as per our lesser Meher & Tir Yest, succeeding our Gathas, and Zarathustra, a born Mazdiyesni. Nomo Khodu my Iranians. Remember all Cats are Animals, All Animals NOT Cats. We are Parsis???.

  2. Naushirwan Pudumjee

    Not Just Milk and Sugar,
    Soneka Anguthi Too. Right?.