Parizad Kolah: A life in comedy


May 22, 2009

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Everyone expected Parizad Kolah Marshall to switch over to films but her comfort zone is the television industry. Meet the host of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge
By Mathures Paul

THE feisty Parizad Kolah Marshall has made a smooth transition from modelling to music videos to anchoring some of Indian television’s most-watched shows. Remember the girl in DJ Aqueel’s Keh Doon Tumhe? How about the host of Filmi Fever on Zoom? She is now busy anchoring one of India’s best comedy shows on television ~ The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. The Parsi girl has carved a niche for herself on television and she is never tongue-tied when it comes to talking about food and travelling. In an exclusive interview to The Statesman.

How big a challenge is the fifth season of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge?

Every new season brings a set of new challenges. People do tend to compare the first season with the newer ones, which is natural, but the director always tries to bring out a new flavour in every season. To appeal to millions of viewers is never easy but it just makes the job even more exciting. This show has proved itself time and again, thanks to the talented performers and the brilliant director, Pankaj Saraswat.


How do you keep every season different from the one before?

Since the general format of the show has been the same, I try my best to improve my overall performance every season. Changing my look to a certain extent also helps. I keep working hard towards this.

What has made Laughter Challenge a big success?

It connects with the audience, it relates to the common man and at the end of the day nothing feels better than a good laugh.

What is it about anchoring television shows that makes you happy?

My job is an extension of myself; it gives me the liberty to perform from the heart. It is something that I have enjoyed over the years; I would like to continue doing such work.
Most expected you to switch over to films after the appearance in Main Prem Ki Diwaani Hoon. But you didn’t.

I had a wonderful experience during the shoot of the film but once it was over I realised anchoring was my forte and all I wanted to do was set higher goals for my self and work towards it. Today, I see myself as a happy wife and mother of a wonderful daughter and of course an anchor of India’s leading television show, this just makes me want to continue in the same profession. The sky is the limit for me!

The Indian television industry is segmented, with most shows finding success in certain parts of the country.

Honestly, at this point, I would like to work on good formatted shows and hope that it does well.

Food and travelling are close to your heart.

Yes, my husband and I love travelling and delicious food and that’s why I spend hours watching cooking shows (smiles). I can’t seem to name any particular dish but from croissants in Paris to pasta in Italy to my very own Parsi and Indian cuisine, there is something special in all of them that makes me smack my lips!

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