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Parsi films that never made it to the big screen

Here are some Parsi films that never made it to the big screen…not forgetting the classic Shakespearean remakes:

Rumi and Juliet

Two Gentlemen of Udwada

Much Bhonu about Nothing

The Taming of the Kekashrew


…and some of the classics…

Quantum of Soli

Moby Dikra

The Towering Inferno of Silence

Indian Jones and the Temple of Fire

The erotic classic – Cama Sutra

The classic WW2 films " A Bridge to Farrokh" and "The Battle of the Bulsaras"

"The Rhyme of the Ancient Nariman"

When Homi met Salli.

"How green was my salli" reminds me of "The Mehroo Wives of Windsor".

Remember Tom hanks in "kasti-way"

Pearl Harbourwalla


The great Bollywood cricketing epic – "lagannu"

Pretty Boman …. Dirty Dhansak

Guns of Navroze

Where Eagles Darius

The Good, the KekoBad and the Dagli

Bend it like Baman

And finally,

‘One Flew Over Cusrow Baug’

Sent to us by good friend and regular reader Bakhtawar Engineer