Perizaad Zorabian all set to marry Boman Irani


October 13, 2006

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How did you know?”was Perizaad Zorabian’s reaction when we congratulated her on the news of her wedding. December 7 will see the actress tying the knot with beau Boman Irani – not the funnyman from Munna bhai, but a Mumbai-based real estate developer.

But it will take some time before the whole idea sinks in. “I was asking Babes – that’s what I call Boman – ‘how about jeans and a nice tee on the wedding?’ The whole thing hasn’t sunk in,”she gushes.

The wedding is slated to be a small, typical Parsi affair in Mumbai. But the bride is a little apprehensive that it’s going to be tough managing the whole thing. “I still have to buy my conventional white sari and the jewellery,”she says.

“I think I am going to be the most disorganised bride! The saving grace is that Boman also understands the Parsi ways.”

But that’s not what brought this pair together. Perizaad says she met Boman at a charity event last September. “He has a foundation called the Rustom Irani foundation. I was invited as a judge at one of their events and that’s how we met. Till then, he had only seen my movies Mumbai Matinee and Bollywood Calling.”

But her dream man is quite media-shy, preferring her not to “go overboard talking about the wedding to the media,”says Perizaad. Is she apprehensive about her career post-marriage? “Change is inevitable and important. I think everything will be fine once I am settled,” she smiles.

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