A Film: Zoroastrianism – The World’s Oldest Monotheistic Religion


August 28, 2020

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Our dear friend, and FEZANA’s Chief Social Media Officer Tanya Hoshi has put out another fantastic video titled “Zoroastrianism – The World’s Oldest Monotheistic Religion”. In this video Mobed Kerman Katrak, Mobed Cyrus F. Khory, and Mobedyar Mahshad Khosraviani discuss various aspects of our faith.

Zoroastrianism is an ancient-Iranian religion that at one point was practiced by millions, but unfortunately has now fallen into near obscurity – yet it is still practiced around the world. Founded by the prophet Zarathustra over 3700 years ago, the religion has had profound influence on an abundance of scholarly literature and pop culture. Zarathustra’s main message is one of upholding the righteous path of Asha. The way of Asha, of goodness and order, truth and justice, can be practiced by anyone in any society. In principle, any human being living and practicing a righteous life of truth, kindness and goodness may be deemed as a Zoroastrian.

Videography and Editing by Tanya Hoshi

Written By: Jehan Bagli, Kerman Katrak, Cyrus F. Khory, Mahshad Khosraviani

Additional Videography by: Cyrus Karanjia






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  1. Perin Boga

    Beautifully presented – clear, succinct and to
    the point and well-articulated. I wish there could have been a little more history included. Also, could have included the symbolism and importance of the Fire, as so many mistakenly think of us as fire-worshippers.