Towers of Silence: Official Trailer


December 12, 2014

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‘The Towers of Silence’ explores the fundamental question faced by every small community, namely how to preserve one’s traditions in a rapidly changing and modernizing world. The film focuses on the story of the ten-year-old Dinshah Magol and the decision he has to take between following his fate in becoming the priest of his Zoroastrian community, thus preserving them from extinction, or pursuing his dream of one day becoming an engineer. The expectations of the whole community rest on his small shoulders as he contemplates this decision while waiting to grow tall enough to perform the key rituals to potentially become the world’s youngest Zoroastrian priest in living memory.


Produced by Schadenfreude Films

Producer/Co -Director: Magnus Briem

Director : Fani Behraki

Camera: Pavlos Roufos, Eleni Zervopoulou

Editing: Pavlos Roufos

Sound Engineer: Fondas Kontopoulos

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