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What Shenaz treasures

Anchor and actor Shenaz Treasuryvala talks about her yearning for work and travel.

Self-respect :”I will not be sexually-exploited and would not do a role demeaning to women – crawling on the floor, making lewd faces, wearing nothing but heavy make-up and a bra. I kept getting roles similar to Alisha (‘Ishq Vishq’) or I was offered the running- half-naked-in-the-field kind of films. I’d rather wash dishes! I did ‘Umar’ because it was meaningful.”

Satisfaction: “I want to make people feel, laugh and cry with the films I act in, write or direct someday. I want to be part of films like ‘Rang De Basanti’. I would do it for free. Money is not important, creative satisfaction is.”

Wanderlust: “I have a passion for the outdoors. I love scuba diving, trekking, swimming and skydiving. I have traveled the world alone with just a bag pack and my camera. I am fond of photography and hope to have an exhibition someday. I have also written a script. I love the creative process of cinema; I hate its business side.”

Values: “I’m a perfectionist and love my space. I have strong values and never lie, thanks to my Parsi upbringing. I would love my man to be creative and passionate about life. He should be truthful.”

DNATuesday, March 28, 2006 18:50 IST