Where Is My Tent


October 17, 2016

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Where is my Tent is a beautiful film directed by Zubin Sethna that documents the journey of a tent.

“Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Northern Pakistan:

I find myself back in a village named Balakot.  Never heard of it? Me neither. It has been devastated by an earthquake two years earlier. So, why am I here? I try to find a tent which I miss. It is strange, because I never possessed it in the first place. I have only donated the money for it for the survivors of the earthquake. Do I really miss an object made of sheets and strings or is it a home I search?

Where is it and and how can I miss it, actually? Being partly German and partly Indian, I’ve started this journey with a friend to trace the tent. However, the search runs into a dead end and it seems I have lost it forever.  As we reside with the people here at site – who have lost so much due to the earthquake– we discover the deeper meanings of loss, life and reconnecting and rediscover the tent in a very different form.

This is the official homepage to the documentary “Where is my tent?”. Here you find additional information on the film and how to donate for the NGO operated in Balakot by Saeed Uz-Zamaan. Keep coming back for the latest news, screenings and developments. [ link ]