Agiary Connect Launches New Website In Time for Muktad


July 25, 2020

Our vey dear friends Benafsha Shroff, Dinsha Mistree and Jamsheed Mistri have just launched their new initiative Agiary Connect.

Agiary Connect is a website that allows one to book services that will be performed by mobeds in Mumbai at the Banaji Limji Agiary in Fort.


Per the website

  • Request Prayer Services From Anywhere
  • Support hardworking priests and help preserve our sacred rituals.

Agiary Connect can help you if…

  • You don’t live near an Agiary, but would still like to request prayer services
  • You are in a global pandemic that doesn’t allow you to go to an Agiary
  • You are physically unable to go to an Agiary for services, due to health issues


Go to : Agiary Connect