Baroda Agiary Priest Home to Undergo Renovation


August 26, 2010

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The British colonial building, which is home to the priest of Parsi agyari built by Pastonji Contractor in 1923, is also set to get a facelift. The residence is spread across 3,500 square feet area with 11 rooms built to house two families of the priest referred as dastor.

By Darshana Chaturvedi / Times News Network

Eighty seven years after it was built, the Contractor family that manages the agyari, is getting the place renovated and adding modern amenities and keeping the old charm intact.

In last couple of years, the building has worn out with the roof leaking problem causing inconvenience to residents. "This is an Adariyan agyari, wherein there has to be a permanent priest. When the agyari was built, a home for the priest was also constructed. From the time it was built, there has been small repair work done, but full-fledged renovation is taking place for the first time," Jeru Contractor, who is one of the trustees of Parsi agyari, said.

The home has two wings with each section having two kitchens, bedrooms, drawing room and storeroom. "One kitchen is used to prepare prasad’ where non-Parsis are not allowed. The other kitchen is open to all," Pastonji’s grand daughter Jeru added.

Modern amenities like gas pipeline, conventional kitchen furniture and fittings as well as putting in place water resistant material are being included while redoing the home. Kota stones have been put in place with system of recharge bores to improve water supply in the homes is also added.

"The plan to renovate the building has been on my mind for a long time. Now, the work has begun under the guidance of overseer engineer Himanshu Shah. The entire cost of renovation comes around Rs 24 lakh. Efforts are made to restore the old charm yet bringing in newness in the structure," Jeru shared.