Help Restore the 173 year old S R Patel Agiary of Pune


June 21, 2016

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The SR Patel Agiary is a 173 year old agiary serving the Parsi community in Pune. The agiary is in teh midst of a massive restoration project, to bring the building back to its former glory.

Dear friend and architect Kaiyan Mistree, who is involved with the project writes in…

Hi All, my name is Kaiyan Mistree, over the past few months I have got involved in the restoration of a 173 year old S.R Patel Agiary in Pune. A very dynamic, passionate and young Trustee Jehangir Vakil has taken upon himself to bring this Agiary back to its regal glory. Help us make this dream into reality by spreading the word and help us raise funds to make it all happen. Do feel free to email us if you have any queries at Thanks so Much!

Interestingly in all these years of covering all topics Parsi, I must say that this probably is the first Agiary that has its own Facebook AND Instagram accounts.

If you would like to donate via an India bank account, here are the details
Sardar Sorabji Ratanji Patel Trust
Indian Bank – Nanapeth Branch,
613-B, Parsi Agiary Compound,
Nanapeth, Pune, Maharashtra – 411002.

CBS CODE – 00023
Savings Account – 495017464

Make a note for Agiary Building Repairs

For foreign transactions, please email for further details.

Below are some pictures of the Agiary and their official flyer.