Lahore’s Cooper Agiary Celebrating 125 Years


July 14, 2018

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Parsi Khabar is happy to learn that the beautiful Cooper Agiary in Lahore will be celebrating its 125th Salgreh this month. Below is a message from our dear friend Perin Boga.


Cherished Friends and former Lahore Residents,

It gives us great pleasure to convey to you that the Bai Awabai Ardesir Cooper Agiary will be celebrating its one hundred and twenty-fifth Anniversary on Sunday, 29th July, 2018.

Knowing you have offered your prayers before the holy atash of our beloved Agiary in earlier years, or in other ways been associated with the Agiary, may we request you to join us in celebrating this historic event by sending a message, however brief, for the occasion. Messages may be sent to Perin Boga, at: We shall endeavour to circulate your response to those gathered. Your memories and thoughts of the Agiary would be treasured for all time.

Maintaining the Agiary over the years has been a daunting challenge with ever rising costs. Should you wish to assist us in coping with our expenses, gifts, no matter how small, would mean a lot to us. Those who reside in the USA may contact Mr. Rustom M. Challa at: or Mrs. Khurshid Challa at:

We would also like to take this opportunity of expressing our warmest appreciation and deepest gratitude to those many who have contributed over the years. Their generosity has been of tremendous help in keeping our sacred atash glowing bright.

Please pass this message on to friends and relatives. We greatly look forward to hearing from you.

Affectionate regards,

Perin Boga

Honorary Managing Trustee

Trustees: Amy King, Rati Framroz Cooper, Sarosh Challa, Jamshed Jassawalla