My Happy Place: Banaji Limjee Agiary


April 22, 2019

Tucked away in the bylanes of Fort, Mumbai stands the quaint old Banaji Limjee Agiary.

Article by Ervad Sheherazad R. Pavri

One of the many fire temples to celebrate it’s Salgreh (birthday) today, this fire is that special one to me . 311 years old , Mumbai’s oldest fire temple and my favourite for many reasons. In times where we hear complaints about deserted fire temples, this one puts up a great show but one of simplicity. No fancy garlands or big chalk decorations draw the laiety here. And yes, no free food either.


For the little kid coming to learn his Navjote prayers, the goats prancing around make him want to come back. The busy lawyer comes in the afternoon for a peaceful retreat, away from the cacaphonic walls of the nearby court. The investment firm owner drops by late evening for some respite from the numbers.

All the characters mentioned above are real ones( at least to the best of my observation skills!)

For me , my happy place is having that solo conversation with the Holy Atash Padshah late at night after having performed the boi ceremony when called upon occasionally. It awakens the fire in me and makes me want to reach out to people and help them in every way possible. As I sit and introspect the trajectory of my life in deep gratitude, a smile lights up my face as all of my life’s success truly wouldn’t be possible without His divine guidance!

Thank you Banaji Limjee Agiary for being that Oasis of peace in a crazy , cacaphonic world. The divine pull of yours , especially with the performance of the higher liturgical (Pav Mahal) ceremonies is truly magical. May your bright flame burn for all eternity and show our community the path ahead!


  1. NJ Cama

    Exactly the kind of experience that an agiary should give to any visitor. Many years ago I used to enjoy a very similar experience at the agiary (I forget the name) at the end of the road parallel to Sophia College Lane, going up off Breach Candy. Fifteen-twenty minutes on the way home after work, listening to the priest chanting the evening ‘geh’ and ringing the bell; he had a beautiful voice. Best of all, I was usually the only visitor present!

  2. Thrity Keeka Dadabhoy

    Saher Agiari