Parsi Agiary and Dharamsala In Sukkur Pakistan


June 9, 2020

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The Zoroastrian Agiary or fire temple of Parsi community on Wallace Road near river Indus is an extensive building compound built in 1923.

An old memorial stone on the Agiary or the fire temple inscribe “Mama Parsi Worship Place”. The temple building is in the possession of some private dwellers, who are using it residential purpose.

The extensive temple compound comprises Khan Bahadur Marker Parsi Dharamshala and a school. With the migration of Parsi population from the town, the entire building was deserted. Most of the sections of the compound have been destroyed due to negligence.

It is said that Parsi community was a one time leading partner in city’s trade and commerce. This compound was also used as the trade activity because of its prime location near the river Indus.



(Documented on June 1, 2013)

[Source: Sukkur: Nostalgia of things past by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: EFT]