Feasting over Parsi food


May 16, 2013

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Parsi food is about the aroma and the spices, if you are meat lover than enjoy…

Parsi food has its origins in Iranian cuisine and it is a delightful journey for those who are hardcore non-vegetarians and love to gorge on mutton biryanis, berry pulao and fish delicacies.

By Tanvi Trivedi | Times Of India

While Mumbai houses a large number of Parsi eateries you will find a few but authentic Parsi food eateries in the Colaba area of Mumbai. People happily enjoy generous portions of berry pulao – a pulao rich with spices and aromatic – it has red and yellow berries in it and unlike non-vegetarian food which is spicy in other parts of India, here the food is slightly sweet and enjoyed because of the lovely aroma and the style of preparation. The pulao looks also attractive when the berries are sprinkled in it. The berry pulao comes with mutton and chicken in it.

The Patra ni Machchi – Pomfret fish wrapped in silver foil and cooked to perfection – tender and succulent (just be a little careful with the bones and you should eat with your hands then try to be stylish with a fork here) had with green chutney is a feast for the hungry soul. Once you order it, you can’t keep your hands away from it because it is served steaming hot and tastes great with rotis.

The mutton cutlets are also worth sampling. Parsi food is also about maska bun, chai and akuri on toast. Akrui is fluffy scrambled eggs on toast with tomato, coriander, green chillies. Parsi food eateries in Mumbai are generally about a large number of fans, basic tables and chairs, checkered cloth on the tables and sometimes you feel really hot while sampling the Parsi fare but you just don’t mind. The mutton dhansak and brown rice are the more popular dishes with Parsi cuisine and are also served in a couple of other eateries all over India.

So while you enjoy Parsi food in the bylanes of Mumbai, do remember that you are on an adventurous journey and fun is in trying new things and not about taste and what you like or not like!