Jamva Chaloji: A Treat for ZAC Los Angeles community


September 18, 2019

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A Gala celebration in 30 years ! 

On August 24th, ZACLA members had the rare opportunity to enjoy a “Lagan Nu Patru” in the good ol’ USA.

The Jamva Chaloji event was attended by 190 very happy, satiated people who enjoyed a traditional Parsi meal, made only more wonderful by the fact that it was procured, prepared and served by our own community members. In other words, an event put together as a labor of love.


Eyes smiled with delight and mouths watered as the feast was brought out from a kitchen ably managed by Zerksis Bhandara and Katy Alamshaw.  We started with delicious  Gajjar Meva Nu Achaar prepared by Hootoxi Minocherhomjee with Saria, courtesy of Zarrir and Zerkxis Bhandara. Then came Patra Ni Macchi cooked fresh in the ZAC kitchen by Navaz and Zubin Taraporwala – a truly rare treat for most of us!  Sali Boti from Zubin Kolah, and Mutton Pallao with the Bhandara’s well loved Masala Dal rounded out a much appreciated Parsi feast.  A kids menu was prepared by Reshma and Adil Rustomjee.  For dessert, Katy and Dhun Alamshaw and Meher Khurshed Dastur made Lagan Nu Custard and Xerxes and Diana Commissariat brought homemade Mango Kulfi, both of which made for yummy, chilled, sweet treats to end a warm summer’s evening.  Volunteers made the food service seamless thanks to Homi Bodhanwala, Xerxes Commissariat, Hilla Macchi, Houtoxi & Farhad Contractor and Roxanne Unwalla, Farzin Morena and Cyrus Cama kept all in good spirits as the barkeeps in the house.

In addition to the food, our nostalgia was further stoked by Nauzad and DJ Zubin who began the evening entertaining us with Bollywood tunes from the 60s and 70s and then rocked the house for the youngsters late into the night.


Almost everyone appeared to be in a giving spirit that evening.  It was clear from the way the Center was set up that a lot of thought and work had been put into the event. Board members could be seen buzzing around making sure everything was running as smoothly as possible, and others readily stepped up to help when asked for matters that cropped up unexpectedly. So there are undoubtedly folks who helped out that we have not been able to name in this message, but you know who you are and we are very grateful to you. It is rare for a crowd to be so happy on a hot evening in Southern California, when the AC seemed to be on the struggle… but the big smiles and the sounds of music and laughter were a testament to how well this event brought joy to all present. Such a wonderful way to start the New Year.  We owe thanks to everyone involved in making this happen!  It was a gift to the community.