Parsi Food Bazar 2024 At The Calcutta Parsee Club


January 29, 2024

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In pictures: A dash of dhansak, sprinkle of spice and the thrill of treasure hunt at Parsi Food Bazar

The afternoon fair at Calcutta Parsee Club was a medley of Parsi food, fun and frolic

By Jaismita Alexander | Telegraph India


The Calcutta Parsee Club hosted its annual Parsi Food Bazar on January 21 at the club grounds. “The food festival has been receiving great response over the last few years not just within the Parsi community but also among the people of Kolkata. This year, we crossed the 550 mark in terms of footfall,” said Farhad Masterr, convener and committee member of Calcutta Parsee Club

All images by Soumyajit Dey


Homecooks within the Parsi community created a feast that resonated with the warmth of their homes. Homemade Parsi dishes like Patrani Macchi, Mutton Dhansak, Berry Pulao, Dar ni Pori, Lagan Nu Custard were some of the pop picks


Shezrin Edulji, a banker by profession, brought a taste of tradition to her stall with Berry Pulao, dessert and Parsi stencil boxes known as Chalk na Dabba. Explaining her offerings, Edulji said, “Berry Pulao is a traditional dish and a staple in many Parsi households. I have made this following the authentic recipe. The Chalk na Dabbas, which are similar to ‘rangoli’ stencils, are also on sale”


In addition to the food stalls, there were a few others selling handicrafts and garments. One standout stall showcased Zoroastrian stained glass showpieces, along with a variety of keychains and pendants


Every year, the Treasure Hunt and Lucky Draw stalls pull the crowds with their tempting gifts. This year was no different as many a visitor went home smiling


Farhad Masterr, convener and committee member of Calcutta Parsee Club, smiles for the camera after giving My Kolkata a tour of the bazar. (Right) Ratan Postwalla, a familiar face in the Parsi circuit, reflected on the legacy of the food bazar. “Many years ago, my father Bahadur Postwalla conceived this idea to raise funds for sporting activities of the club. Over time, it gained popularity and people from various communities joined in”


Spotted at the fair were (L-R) Dev, Suneha, Rukshana, Nil and Australian deputy consul general Kevin Goh. Rukshana Kapadia is a proud Parsi and an avid and passionate epicure. “The joy of enjoying my childhood favourites lovingly prepared in small batches is the closest one can get to authentic Parsi food outside of a home-cooked meal. A fascinating aspect of Parsi cuisine is its evolution – Iranian, coastal Indian and colonial influences are there in all the popular dishes from Patra ni Macchi to Lagan nu Custard”