Perfect Letter for All Eeda (Egg) Loving Bawajis


November 19, 2018

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A write up by a parsi mother to her son!

Perfect letter for all eeda (Eggs) loving bawas!!

Dear Son,

Today I am writing to you about a strange topic. Eggs. After all, what kind of a Parsi caterer would I be if I didn’t try to squeeze in our favourite ‘Eedu’ into just about any conversation possible.

Right now the only kind of eggs you have tried is in a tomato omelette but I am hoping that your Parsi genes will awaken and soon you will want to try every kind of eggs possible. So here is a list of 10 different kinds of eggs you must try and also life lessons you can learn from them (I am a parent now so it is my prerogative to teach you something at any given point of time even though it may seem totally random and meaningless at the time).


Sunny Side Up — When cooked perfectly, this egg is crispy and firm at the edges but the yolk is soft and runny. Similarly learn to be firm and stick to your decisions once you make them but also still stay fluid to change and filled with warmth at your center.

Parsi Akoori — Nothing beats a good morsel of creamy Akoori served on top of Brun pav. However, take the same ingredients and overcook it and you will not get Akoori but Bhurji which tastes rubbery and dry. Similarly, if you overthink a decision for too long you are going to ruin it. Instead, remember to combine what knowledge you have, think over it a bit and then just take action!

Poached Eggs — While a lot of people like eating poached eggs, many are scared of cooking them because you have to be so gentle with it. Don’t be scared to be gentle and tread lightly when the situation demands it son because the rewards are always proportionate to the risk taken.

Salli per Eedu — I make Sali per Eedu the same way for you as my mummy did and she uses the same recipe her mummy did. There is value in experience and doing things the traditional way. In a world that is fast changing it is easy to discount tradition for ancient ideas but remember to question yourself on the reason why someone is still doing it the way they were 50 years ago before you go ahead and change for the sake of it.

Cheesy Omelette — Did you know the first word you spoke was not Maa or Daa, but ‘Cheesh’ (I was so proud). A good cheese omelette needs only two things — cheese and eggs. Most days if you use a salted cheese you won’t even need seasoning! Remember, that the good things in life don’t need to be overly complicated. On most occasions if you have love and honesty by your side, you are sorted.

Tarkari per Eedu — We Parsis have an innate ability to take any leftover vegetable, add an egg on top and turn it into an entire new dish. Be versatile like this dish because there are many different versions of the ‘perfect you’ and if you can keep tweaking and adjusting to whats needed, you will always be in fashion.

Baked Eggs with Truffle Oil — Sometimes all you need is a small quantity of something special to make a common dish spectacular. Try to be this ‘Truffle Oil’ in life which adds a sparkle to the everyday hustle. All you need to do for this is think a little out of the box (and ofcourse then go ahead and implement it).

Egg Curry — I am not a big fan of egg curry but your Mamaiji has spoken to me of many days as a child when her parents couldn’t afford meat and so dinner would be egg curry. Above I spoke of taking adding small amounts of ‘something special’ but sometimes even that is not needed and just a humble egg can also make an ordinary meal special. So, while fancy is great you don’t always have to wait for inspiration to strike, simple can also be good enough.

Mayonnaise — There are two secret ingredients in a good mayo fresh eggs and lots of patience while the eggs emulsify with the oil and work their magic to create a creamy sauce. I know you may think me hypocritical by telling you not to overthink yet preaching patience. It’s important to not mix the two. Good things take time and if you have a dream you deserve to give your dream the benefit of time to come true.

Chutney Eeda Pattice — When you’re old and in a job with kids of your own you may feel on occasion that life has become boring and mundane. At those times remember that you don’t need to make big changes but just add small elements of suprise. Just like finding a yummy piece of boiled egg inside a chutney pattice can spark a smile, spending some quality time with your kids outside the house or saying a few kind words to your wife may make a big difference. So before you go all out, just try a small surprise first.

That’s all the gyaan I have for you today. I hope when you grow up you appreciate how difficult it is to write an entire letter on life lessons based on eggs and love your mom more for it. Until then, I part for today with the wise words of BawaTips, “When in doubt, break an Eedu on it”.