Perzen Patel Starts a Kiwi Foodcast Podcast Series


June 11, 2020

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Our dear friend and amazing chef, entrepreneur and mom Perzen Patel a.k.a The Bawi Bride starts a new podcast series titled “Kiwi Foodcast With Perzen Patel”

Perzen informs us….

We are finally up and running and I am happy to announce that @kiwifoodcast is officially launched. .

Stories, the interesting tidbits of information we share about the food we love to eat, why we love it, how it got made is what makes food so interesting.

On the show I talk to food businesses, producers, food truck owners, writers and more about their food journeys, why they do what they do and helps you discover more of NZ’s diverse food landscape.

Do pls follow and have a listen on the link below. The show is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all the other major podcast players.

Kiwi Foodcast…

Stories make the food we love taste even better. Food blogger and self-taught cook, Perzen Patel sits down weekly with the people in our food trucks, at our farmers’ markets, in home-based kitchens and beyond to talk shop and learn the stories behind the food they serve. If you love eating local, going to food festivals, secretly call yourself a ‘street foodie’ or even dream of one day starting a food truck that serves Nana’s mince pies, this is the podcast for you. ‘Kiwi Foodcast’ is brought to you by Podcasts New Zealand.

Check out the series on KIWI FOODCASTS

Episode 1 :