Rashna’s Belamour Boulangerie and Patisserie: Parsi Khabar’s Sweet Suggestions


March 14, 2023

Dear readers, we’re approaching Navroze. And mitthu monu is a must, diabetes and sugar free diets can wait, jara please! Therefore, over the next week we will be presenting a few Zoroastrian bakers, confectioners, makers of heavenly bliss.

Our first showcase is Rashna’s Belamour Boulangerie and Patisserie, an artisanal small batch bakery helmed by Rashna Cherag Elavia. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry but the beginning of her journey was much earlier. As a child she loved her father’s love of the B Merwan mawa cakes and was encouraged in exploring food not only by eating but by making. She helped her grandmother in her kitchen and the beautiful culinary universe fired up her passion. As she grew, she found another love, art. The world of pastry making fused her passion of cooking and art and she was on her way.

Hotel Management from the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Mumbai led her to a more ambitious educational stint at the L’Ecole Chocolat Institute in Canada. Rashna has worked at various luxury hotels as an Executive Pastry Chef and was even nominated for the Wedding Sutra Influencer Award for Trend Setting Cake Design in 2020.

Since then Rashna has decided to test her limits as a chef and entrepreneur and set up Rashna’s Belamour in memory of her beloved father. We asked Rashna a few questions, because, why not?

celebration cakes

Q – What’s your favourite technique and item to bake?

Making Macarons needs special skill and attention to detail, the perfect mixing of the macaronage gives you the perfect macaroons. When I see the macaroons rise perfectly that’s what makes my day.


Q – Which of your products would you eat yourself first?

Classics have always been my favourite. The wholesomeness of a perfectly made classic dessert with different textures and simplicity of flavours have my heart. My personal favourite is the opera and sacher torte, which is the reason I have them in my menu.

Rashna ElaviaQ

Q – How do you innovate new products?

I always like to give a twist to the classics which gives you a perfect mix of the flavours and a modern lighter dessert. Chai spiced creme caramel, pistachio raspberry opera are our new specials.

Q – What aspect of your Zoroastrian identity has played a part in your journey and success?

The Zoroastrian roots and culture of hard work, honesty, integrity and loyalty have played a major role in my journey from a kitchen trainee to an executive pastry chef of a luxury 5 star hotel, and it is with the same values that I wish to carry on the entrepreneurial journey – Rashna’s Belamour. I also aim to give back to society by training some young minds with the pastry skills to make them independent.

Q – What brings you joy?

A smile on the face of people enjoying Rashna’s Belamour boulangerie and patisserie.

Q – Why Rashna’s Belamour when there’s so many options in the market?

My passion to give memorable culinary experiences that stay with you long after the celebrations pushes me to source the finest ingredients and my experience and expertise brings you handmade delights that are made for you, literally. Small batch artisanal food which can be customised to all tastes and health preferences is my usp.

Rashna’s Belamour is gearing up for Navroze with a curated box which you can see in the attached photo. The box contains milk cake with mawa crumble, milk chocolate Nutella with vanilla crème brûlée, chapat baileys stracciatella and baklava cheese cake. Of course her regulars are always available to order. We at Parsi Khabar have had more than 1 of her treats on our most important days and I say go nuts!

She can be contacted on +91 99300 90022 for orders. Her Navroze Box will need pre-ordering so I suggest, doing so as soon as you see this. Her website is also a great place to order from: rashnasbelamour.com and don’t forget to follow her on Insta and FB @rashnasbelamour

Parsi Khabar has not been paid/fed/bribed/tempted to post this. We, Ava and me just like her offerings and thought to share the joy.

Event cakes

Navroze Box

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