Sweet Suggestions – Mielle Pâtisserie


March 30, 2023

Parsi Khabar’s Sweet Suggestions – Mielle Pâtisserie

Our second feature is a dishy one! Etle, Rushad Cama, through his venture Mielle Patisserie makes many an occasion happy with his fabulous bakes. You want to order his fabulous makes which now include savories too.

With a long-standing thirst to create delectable dishes with a focus on freshness, Rushad worked at the Oberoi in 2017 and then was introduced to pastry at Patisserie Patisserie, Mumbai. It fired his passion so much he went to study baking at Ecole Ferrandi in Paris and landed an internship at the renowned Café Pouchkine. By 2019 he decided he was ready for the world and Mielle was born. Let’s see what he’s made of, shall we?


Q – What’s your favourite technique and item to bake?

The making of choux pastry has to be one of my favourite techniques. Watching choux buns and eclairs rise to life in the oven is so satisfying to watch.

Q – Which of your products would you eat yourself first?

The amandine tart, a breakfast pastry made of almond cream and blueberry compote is my favourite. I cannot resist this one so I always make an extra for ‘quality checks’, haha!

Q – How do you innovate new products?

I’m always looking for inspiration and then build on my ideas and flavour profiles. There are even scribbles of design before the trials and r&d starts. All this experimenting leading up to the perfect dessert is exciting and is most rewarding.

Q – What aspect of your Zoroastrian identity has played a part in your journey and success?

Growing up in a big Parsi colony, sharing stories over food with friends and neighbours is part of my culture. This is what I have carried with me in my career. My biggest motivation is to see people enjoy my food and I feel the happiness that that they experience.

Q – What brings you joy?

In terms of baking, watching my ideas come to life is pure joy. In life, a nicely made cocktail shared with friends or an evening walk with my dog bring singular peace and happiness.

Q – Why Mielle when there’s so many options in the market?

I want to see and share happiness and the best way to do that for me is through baking. The precision, practice and perfection of the art of baking helps me explore and express my creativity. It is this perfection that I bring to you and which you indulge in. Food is in my ethos and culture and I’m eager to share it with everyone.



Rushad’s goodies can be ordered in Mumbai, India on +91 77770 68623.

His Insta @mielle.patisserie not only causes instant food cravings (just see the kickass reels he’s got going!), but also will tell you what his weekend specials and offers are. Go ahead and follow along.

Parsi Khabar has not been paid/fed/bribed/tempted to post this. Funny story – my best friend and I both unknowingly ordered different things from him for my birthday last year. Needless to say, both were consumed with lightening speed and I am sure you will too once you order.

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