The French In My Food: Niloufer Mavalvala


March 31, 2015

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Good friend of Parsi Khabar and amazing chef and author Niloufer Mavalvala is now on Huffington Post. Check out her latest column.


Growing up in a generous family in Karachi, our dining table was an open and welcoming place to gather around. There was hardly a day when we did not have extended family, friends, and sometimes even strangers, joining us for a meal. I strongly believe my passionate love for cooking and creating at a whim stems from this.

The necessity to help muster up food at the last moment to offer and share with unexpected visitors gave me that unique opportunity to be different. We were fortunate enough to have a variety of dishes from global cuisines served because my parents were avid travellers who brought back recipes and food ideas like other tourists bring home curious and knick knacks.

Travelling extensively with them during my childhood not only opened my mind to diverse cultures, but also gave me an opportunity to try out different cuisines, further sharpening my palate. The downside of this is that there is no particular cuisine I lean toward that will ever top my list, but I have noticed that I am drawn to cuisines with a French twist as three of the nine e-cookbooks I have written can testify.

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