The Parsi and Eggs !!


May 22, 2014

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If there could be one single item that is a staple of every Parsi meal….it has to be the EEDU….eggs.

We make eggs or rather “put” eggs on anything and everything. From the usual “papeta par eedu” to the esoteric “Khari Biscuit Par Eedu”…..everything is life is “par eedu”.

Good friend of Parsi Khabar, Perzen Patel, a.k.a BawiBride is running a second installment of her Best Kept Secrets, and yes…..its all about the Eedu !!


Read on and participate.

Submit your story for the ‘Eedu’ edition of #BestKeptSecrets

When cooking, how often have you wished that you could learn more about the story behind the recipe? Not just the practical bits like where to source the best chicken or how to wash the dal correctly but the juicy #BestKeptSecrets on why a certain dish was made the way it was, how it has been adapted through the years or why it is so special for a particular family?

Part of the reason that food walks and cooking classes are all the rage in recent times is because of this opportunity to learn nuggets of information that you would not find easily on the internet (at least not without scrolling through a few hundred forums).

Hence, in early 2014 the #BestKeptSecrets project was born – a series of e-books published quarterly with crowd-sourced food stories. You tell me the #BestKeptSecrets, our expert panel of foodies select the best ones and then we share these with the world.

After the successful launch of the first edition of the e-book which covered regional Indian recipes, applications for the 2nd edition of #BestKeptSecrets are now open and this version focuses on a very special ingredient – the egg!

While eggs may be widely used for baking and in other cuisines, with Parsis the egg holds cult status. In fact, the motto ‘When in doubt, break an egg on it’ would be something that would get most Bawas nodding their heads in agreement. From Sali per Eedu to Gosht and Eeda no Pulao – no matter what the dish we will figure out how to incorporate an egg into it. While I am expecting a few Parsi contributions for this edition, I also hope that the rest of you will participate.

The only criterion is that your food stories must have the ‘egg’ as the hero of the dish!

Applications for food stories are open until 24th May 2014. For more details and to submit your story visit