Atash Afarganyu Glazed Tea Light

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The peace, tranquility and oneness with Ahura Mazda that we experience when we gaze upon an atash is an inexplicable feeling. The silhouette of the aesthetic Afarganyu with the warm burning pile of sukhad topped by the glory of our very alive and sacred Atash is a special image in our hearts and minds.

We at Parsi Khabar wish to bring you an opportunity to replicate this feeling on a small scale with our custom hand made porcelain glazed tea light holders bearing the Afarganiu and Atash. A candle inside the holder lights up the translucent design on the surface resulting in an intensely heartwarming image. Bring one into your personal spaces and enjoy the effect that light has on your senses. You’ll see the Atash come alive in your own homes.


Each holder is modeled by hand and each afarganiu and atash is painstakingly drawn on after which it is glazed and fired. Every single one of these limited edition tea light holders is made for Parsi Khabar by Swaroopa GS. She is a Chennai, India based pottery and crochet artist who pours her soul into her work. You can seek her out on IG @swaroopa_gs or visit her at

Dimensions: 3 inch in diameter, 3.5 inches tall

Each Tealight is priced at US $ 30.

Since every single piece is handmade, no two pieces are exactly identical.

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