Commenting Policy

Ladies and Gentlemen

From time to time there has been a trend for commenters to get personal, and waver from the topic of discussion in each post.

The very fact that you are reading Parsi Khabar means you have the good of the community at heart. Your ways and means to solve the problems we face may vary drastically.

That does not give anyone the right to make personal statement and remarks about the other’s knowledge, intellect or personal life.

Please refrain from that.

Parsi Khabar for each of us editors, is a labor of love. We all have businesses, jobs, families and the other things that life throws at us. We run and maintain this site because we are interested in spreading information and in generating constructive dialogue. As much as we try we sometimes cannot moderate each and every comment.

We do not want to get cornered into a situation where we have to stop commenting on the entire site. That would be completely against the principles on which this site was set up.

I request all of you to maintain decorum.

If you feel that you strongly disagree with a commenter, write to them directly. You can request Parsi Khabar for the individual’s email. We will contact that individual to get their permission before we give you their email.

Looking forward to a constructive, positive and amicable debate and discussion.


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