Mickey Mehta’s brand of spirituality in Istanbul


June 8, 2017

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Turkish Tourism gets a dose of Indian spirituality

Global leading holistic health guru, Dr. Mickey Mehta in collaboration with Crystal Concepts DMC, conducted a workshop on benefits of yoga, basic meditation, concepts of holistic health, emotional healing and cleansing with more than 100 Turks and expats in Istanbul on May 20, 2017.

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Held at the gardens of the Kemer Golf Course on the outskirts of Istanbul city, the participants were given demonstration on the benefits of simple asanas. Dr. Mickey Mehta dwelt more on how to expand the limits of one’s consciousness. The sessions on emotional healing saw participants pose soul searching questions to him, intrigued by the centuries-old wisdom and Vedic knowledge that India carries. Mickey’s day-long workshop was split into six different acts; these were interspersed with sessions by Turkish experts. 

Global leading holistic health guru, Dr. Mickey Mehta said, “It was a great festival with so much positive energy around. Many of the participants had a specific interest in gaining insights into pain and disease management, finding answers to dilemmas relating to afterlife, disillusionment in relationships. The enthusiasm at the festival was high and I am happy we all got revolutionized, internalized and Mickymized as we took one more step towards experiencing a wellness that comes from within. After witnessing the zest among the locals I hope to hold many more workshops in the near future.” 

Mickey Mehta_Istanbul (1)The festival which was held in the open, allowed people to experience, the elements both from within and outside in the environment triggering an inner evolution as they did things together, connecting with nature and their inner selves in ways that were calming, soothing, rejuvenating and relaxing. He made them jump, laugh and be still at their will.

A quaint exhibition that had a cluster of about 15 stalls had local companies and consultants showcase their products and services. From prayer beads and lucky charms to organic vegetable juices, wholesome snack bars, sugar free snacks, wind chimes and indoor plants (herbs and anti-pollution) ensured that the participants at the Wellness festival along with their families and cursory visitors experienced a day well spent with ample food for thought.

About Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta has for nearly four decades been actively associated with propagating the benefits of body-mind-soul alignment with exercise, soul searching, diet and a fitness regimen that can be seamlessly incorporated in the hectic and fast changing present times. Having worked closely with leading politicians, film stars and industrialists, Mickey has emerged as a credible life coach, helping achievers put their lives in a state of “balance” and harmony