‘Parsi Mecca’ Udvada on tourism map of State soon


July 16, 2006

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UDVADA, a small town in Valsad district bordering the Union Territory of Daman is considered as the mecca of the Parsi community. The State Government is now set to develop it as a tourism centre with all modern infrastructural facilities.

This was decided at a meeting held under the chairmanship of the Valsad District Collector Dilip Rawal following the Government’s orders for the development of Udvada town on Wednesday.

The existing open drain system will be replaced by underground drainage system within the next three months even as solar street lights and 17 electricity transformers are set to be installed for ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Attractive signboards and hoardings would be erected on the adjoining roads and entry points to lure tourists while facilities like public toilets would be constructed.

Rawal said, ”Udvada is a historic town of Valsad district and it is also one of the holiest places for the Zoroastrian community members. We want to develop this place as a tourist centre and for this all the modern infrastructure would be set up within next few months.”

Rawal said that the forest department would be contributing in Udvada’s development programme by planting thousands of saplings in and around the town. The roads leading to Udvada town have already been constructed for the easy movement of vehicular traffic.

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    Please call UDVADA anything but not a PARSI MECCA. Thank You.


    Please call UDVADA anything but not a PARSI MECCA. Thank You.