Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran


July 25, 2008

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The August 2008 issue of the National Geographic has “Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran” as its cover story.

I just finished reading the printed issue. The photographs as usual are fantastic. The stories are very interesting in a very non-political way and brings out the remnant traces of the glory that was Persia.

If you cannot get your hands on the latest issue, check out the online link at National Geographic.


  1. rustom

    A stateent on page 3 was indeed facinating. It reads ‘Fired with the zeal of a new religion, Islam, they humbled the ancient Persian Empire for good in the seventh century and ushered in a period of Muslim greatness that was distinctly Persian’
    The invaders whilst dismantling the core of Persianism and Persian people, i.e Zoroastrianism, took themselves as the creators of the Persian grandeur.
    While Zealously destroying Temples agiaries and Buriyal towers( dokhmas) of the Persian, its architecture was claimed as the destroyers heritage!.. How convinient.
    While on one hand forcefully converting the Persian faith and people, and making the lives of those who stood stead fast miserable, claim Kurush the Greats legacy. Kurush showered more hospitality and respect on other comunities than his own, ie zoroastriansim than the billion so called Persians bestow upon the followers of Kurush’s (cyrus the greats) faith!

    Compare the billion so called Persian with their veil and loudspeakers to those Persians( Zarathushtrians) who are a minority and remain so due to actions of those who claim the Persian grandeur

  2. aveta Parsa

    ‘Fired with the zeal of a new religion’, ‘ a period of Islam greatness’; the only fire Persians were feeling was the loss of their beloved sons, spouses, and fathers. As for Islam’s greatness 1400 years later they are still awaiting to see it. Kurush a zoroastrian king, is considered a great prophet by many of the jews. I have yet to hear a single Islamic king being held in the same regard by his own people.

  3. Artavardiya

    waths up my Parsi brothers a parsi from iran you see we have not forgot ho we are after 1300 years steel we love Aryan race our shah from korosh too al sassanian 1 and the love for Ahurmazda and mithra pastura Parsi land will rise again even when we wase shi islam during the safavi we where a major power its in our parsi blood The arabs shall pay and ho ever that suport them we are al imortols may good nes be with you al my beloved parsi ho have lived in india,,, soon you will come back home too a new persia with in 10 years The young generation = Pars

  4. Maratha

    Best luck…from Maratha