Tanka Water Harvesting System of the Parsi Community


August 24, 2016

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Dr. Shernaz Cama informs us…

We at Parzor have been working on Ecology since the beginning of our UNESCO Parzor Project . Zoroastrianism has been called ‘ the world’s first ecological religion’ and it is an integral part of our cultural heritage.

Water like Fire is sacred in our tradition and WHO standards of drinking water have been found to be maintained in the ancient Tankas of Parsi Gujarat , while the Qanat and Kariz water systems of Persia are famed for providing water across millennia.

Prof Kavas Kapadia of the School of Planning and Architecture has been our Advisor in this Water Project ; he has presented some of our findings at the World Water Conference in Kyoto, as well as at the Conference of Water and Religion at Salisbury . As you watch this short movie , we hope you will see the relevance of this subject to our water starved world today .

Please do spare some time to see this movie . It is also up on You Tube. We acknowledge Sahapedia, our new partners in telling the world about heritage through the Internet.

The biggest thanks go to Dushyant and Hemant Mehta of Mahattas our photographic team , who have been with us for twenty years and Sanha of Mahattas .

Of course none of our research would have been possible without the hospitality and sharing of wisdom of the people of Bharuch , especially Mr Rohinton Jambusarwala .

Thank you for all your help over the years.

We will be delighted to share our research with all those working in the field of water management and anyone interested in knowing more about ancient wisdom relevant even today.

Warm regards,

Shernaz Cama