The Tomb of Cyrus in Danger of Fungus and Lichen

What experts have warned and feared for the past few years about the humidity level at the world heritage site of Pasargadae after the inundation of Sivand dam, has now become a bitter reality as the humidity has risen to a dangerous level, and lichen funguses are growing over the body of the Cyrus the Great’s Mausoleum.

Humidity which was previously unknown to the area is now easily felt. Members of the public and a number of associate members of various Friends of Cultural Heritage Societies who have visited Pasargadae and the Mausoleum during the Norouz holiday, said that the high humidity is apparent, and damp can be smelt for miles.

Fars Province’s Meteorological Centre have also confirmed that the area has been suffering from a drought for the past six months and during this period it has rained only three times, totalling 75millimeters, therefore this amounts to nearly nothing to have an impact on the Pasargadae’s current atmospheric condition.

Back in 2007 an agreement was made between Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organisation (ICHTO) and the Ministry of Energy, if the humidity levels become apparent and thus places the heritage site in danger, the dam inundation should be stopped immediately, and necessary measures to be taken to safeguard the ancient site. As the result a small-hygrometer was installed was installed at Pasargadae by the Ministry of Energy to monitor the humidity level. Since then however no access was granted to the experts to read the data, or any information made available to the public regarding the current and exact extent of humidity in the area.

In addition the Islamic regime as well as the Ministry of Energy officials have refused to be interviewed, or willing to issue any statements in this regard. ICHTO which is controlled by the government in Tehran has also refused to give an explanation and its administration has forbidden their staff to accept any interviews or to give any comments regarding this issue.

Sivand Dam became operational in April 06, 2007 by the order of the Islamic regime’s president Mahmood Ahmadinejad, in the presence of a number of high ranking clerics and members of the Islamic republic officials.

To this date the artificial lake at Bolaghi Valley has submerged an Achaemenid village, a large section of the Achaemenid Pardis (Garden), hunting ground, 7,000-years-old industrial settlement, as well as a large number of small pre-historic sites. According to the visitors a large number of trees at Bolaghi Valley, some hundreds and few even thought to have been well-over a thousand year old have also been uprooted and burnt for no reason.

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  • rustom jamasji

    What can be expected of those who destroyed Cyru’s faith and butchered and punished his community members making them a minority of the world since they did not see any reason to convert to Islam. In fact Zoroastrianism after granting the first Human Charter and being tolerant to all faiths thru time and dynastys was used by missoneries and then by Islam.
    Ironicaly in their endevaour to destroy the original Persians, they got influenced somewhat by it and use Persian names and claim to be Persians???!!!! as theirr and their own cudnt match the Persian Grandeur and probably cannot even in future.

    Sadly the Pragmatic leaders of the zoroastrian community in Bombay especially are too busy closing the doongerwaadi and opening the agiaries to notice that their heritage and culture that they have enjoyed in their life time is in danger of NOT bieng passed on to comming generations!

  • Paolo

    And having a black skin, look Indian and your ancestors for over centuries mixed with Dalits (untouchables) make you a true Persian? Keep on dreaming – haven’t you heard that “Envy is a Deadly Sin”?

  • rustom

    ure justifications arrises from your ignorance….
    Infact again your judgement that makes you quote actually contradicts your own quote…
    Untouchables.or black skins…are you envious of them?!!!neways ure take on zoroastrians of india being black skinend is as dark from the abyss such wisdon of urs creeps up from..
    Secondly the zoroastrians who have taken refuge elsewhere till recently have actually maintained their identity..and abstained from mix marriage ..and proof of ther pudding is in the latest contriversy of aepting children of such to maintain their distinct culture.ofcourse you can clutch of certain small examples…for your absurdity..

    Also what has your statement got anything to do with the fact that i had quoted..does you little charade arrise from the fact that u cannot digest that Islam and early missoneries today try and potray thermselves to be what they destroyed…is the truth hurting you…
    Are you because of this trying to hide the fact that Cyrus gave the first human carter or that the zoroastrians were tolerant..and that its culture, relighion and faith were destroyed..

    Actually Paoblo if thats ure real are trying to play hide and seek with history….and ure tryign to catch up by ure thinking that need light of history and todays zoroastrians of India

  • Paolo

    “. . actually maintained their identity. . and abstained from mix marriage . . ”

    You must be kidding me! Read 2004 mitochondrial DNA (matrilineal) results by Quintana-Murci (“Where West Meets East: The Complex mtDNA Landscape of the Southwest and Central Asian Corridor” in American Journal of Human Genetics 74 (5): p840), which confirms Parsis are no longer sharing DNA with Iranians, but with Gujratis! This is while in the same study as well as Cambridge University, have shown that modern Iranians (which majority are Muslims) having the same DNA as their ancient Zoroastrian ancestors!

    This also confirmed ion Rivayat, which between 15th and 17th centuries non-Zoroastrians (the Untouchables) were accepted into the fold.

    Nonetheless, you can claim to be a Zoroastrian, but most definitely not a Persian. Your ancestors may have been Persian – by NOT YOU – you are an Indian as other Indians –and IRnqians may not be Zoroastrian any more, but they ARE STILL PERSIAN!

    ps. my name id Paolo – not Paoblo! I’m an Italian who married to Zoroastrian from Yazd and have converted to Zoroastrianism.

  • rustom

    Pablo, since u talk about DNA please quote the whole…the DNA studies on parsis is ongoing…it also quotes’ Genealogical DNA tests to determine purity of lineage have brought mixed results. One study supports the Parsi contention (Nanavutty, 1970:13) that they have maintained their Persian roots by avoiding intermarriage with local populations. In that 2002 study of the Y-chromosome (patrilineal) DNA of the Parsis of Pakistan, it was determined that Parsis are genetically closer to Iranians than to their neighbours (Qamar et al., 2002:1119′..apart from wat uve quoted…
    Also this shows that the jains/gujus who are more strict against intermarriage..have fused their dna!!!…
    Also it goes against the studies on jains/gujus maintaining their lineage…
    About ure take on Persianism..wish u do study what was persianism and what it is made out to be..The shahnameh is claimed as islamic u can also claim that a million burkha clad are follwoing persian trad since they claim it to be…
    On ure demanding that I am not a persian…well ure envy is clear in ure thirst and intelligence which also makes u claim ure a zoro yet belittle the ones who are responsible for zoroastrianism surviving…as u also have a nitch against blackish looking people( though we are not)..also abt untouchables..u might be fusing the kafirsm’ used in islam with the persian faith..
    Intresting u say ure a italian…most italians I work in , sometimes thru an italian firm, the topic of zoro’ism has crepped up since they are perplexd on my indian passport and Persian features…so shout , claim and dance…but it wont change that the ones that are from the roots of those who tried to destroy the persian faith and continue to mutilate perianism..arabo- fewpersian converts -mixed dynastys like qajar n dynasty’s even foreign to the land like Taimurs are not Persians but wud like to be..and also change the Persian flame n faith to theirs..
    In any case ure deviations dont justify ure countering my point of my first post!

  • Gobi

    I can confirm Paolo’s statement. Various DNA tests have shown that the Parsis in India possess a variety of genes, strongest among the women are Gujarati genes. It is also a known fact, that many Parsi men used to have Gujarati mistresses. Parsis, however, do not like to talk about this matter. You find a lot of dark skinned Parsis, which again confirms the findings of the DNA tests and the fact of mixed marriages. And it is a fact that Iranians in Iran still have “Persian DNA”.
    I, for my part, do not care about DNA, since I do not consider myself a nationalist. But it is amazing how some Parsis try to be more Persian than Iranians and how some people can not differentiate between faith, language and DNA. Many Iranians consider Azarbaijanis to be Turks, but recent test have shown that people in this region have “Persian DNA”. Again a fact that shows there are differences between languages, ethnicity, faith and nationality. Those people adopted a language but preserved their “DNA”, now are they better Persians than Parsis, or are they Iranians and are Parsis Indians?
    I do not see any benefit in discussing this matter, but unfortunately some Parsis are obsessed by it and stick to some very outdated ideas.

  • Zubin


    And having a black skin, look Indian and your ancestors for over centuries mixed with Dalits…

    Obviously u have never been here or dont know much about Parsis. But most people in India can spot one in a billion faces. Thats how different our phenotypic characters are from the mainstream.

    The mixing u refer definitely occured in remote pockets in villages of Gujarat, but nevertheless the majority of the comm never accepted mixed-marriages (especially the athornan or clergy clan). To even suggest that Parsis have lost their ethnic roots is a sign of shallow understanding.

    unfortunately some Parsis are obsessed by it and stick to some very outdated ideas….

    Aaah! So trying to protect ones ethnic/cultural identity is an outdated idea? In which case why does the international community obsess over protecting the aborogines and the Masais?
    Also, hypothetically- if the Chinese were to send 1 billion people in Italy and mix with the population, fusing Han culture into yours, and all u Dago finocchios started lookin like Mr. Wang from the dollar store, u’d maintain the same view? Lol. Like hell u would Wop!

  • rustom

    Right…acccording to some n gobi..Parsis are dark skinned….!!! acccording to some Parsis are not persians!!
    According to these Persianism is about burkha wearing..and replacing 5 gahs with namaaz.. and consecration of fire with either mecca or cross..depending on who is claiming the Zoroastrian grandeur…
    According to these…banning the term’ women from national t.v is persianism..banning women from soccer is persianism!!
    These nullify the words of Pof such as Mary boyce who quote’ “Either a few Moslems settled on the outskirts of a Zoroastrian village, or one or two Zoroastrian families adopted Islam. Once the dominant faith had made a breach, it pressed in remorselessly, like a rising tide. More Moslems came, and soon a small mosque was built, which attracted yet others. As long as Zoroastrians remained in the majority, their lives were tolerable; but once the Moslems became the more numerous, a petty but pervasive harassment was apt to develop. This was partly verbal, with taunts about fire-worship, and comments on how few Zoroastrians there were in the world, and how many Moslems, who must therefore posses the truth; and also on how many material advantages lay with Islam. The harassment was often also physical; boys fought, and gangs of youth waylaid and bullied individual Zoroastrians. ”..and see the tormentors as the true persians…
    Perhaps Gobi and Paoblo…see the custom of jailing film makers of ancient Iranian last rites who discovered mass graves asd ‘Persianism’…
    Gobi should read Yezdegard 111’s letter to Omar where he shows how omar was ignorant of facts and history….maybe Gobi’s knopwledge of what true Persianism is MAY increase if he reads that letter…
    Some can claim that taimur was a persian…and some bihar since it has persian schools…some can c,laim that the women in kisseh e vairav were not persians since it happened in India and accepted guj kings conditions for social change to protect their ethnicity n religion.. Some can say that the zoroastrians of India are christians as they use spoon and fork whilst eating.just liek they take advantage of language and dress change we adapted in india..againt non persian culture by persian speaking people…

    Hitler said a lie big enough can be taken as truth,,and we have live examples of such…

    Perhaps Yezdegards 3’s letter to Omar can throw light on such misapprehensions just as Omar faced about the persian culture and faith…but then yezdegards lineage can be termed as chinese by those who islamise Persianism.
    After all the grandeur of Persia though envied by the destroyers

  • Gobi

    See, you are mixing things up: I never said that destroying a culture is good. I just corrected your facts about the DNA issue that you were discussing with Paolo. Did I say that it is good that Moslems destroy Zoroastrian villages? No, I did not.
    I meant to say and I still say that you cannot and you should not bring up DNA issues if you discuss religion and faith. The same way, the Yazdgerd letters to Omar are fake, this is a long known issue among academics. Please find me one educated historian who testifies that these letters were really written?
    Let me ask you another question: if an Iranian wanted to convert to Zoroastrianism, would you allow it? Please give us your reasons for your answer.

  • rustom

    -wonder if the london Musuem keeps fakes, claimed by some…the letter by yezdegard, the Original copy of this letter (632 AD – 651 AD) is in London Museum –

    As faras claiming that deliking DNA and my claim about the plaunderers of the persian becomes simpler again if one undestood history.and history shows that persianism and its faith was destroyed by arabs and other migrants that lived in Persian contoled lands….so if thsese people came owerthrew the persians..ofcourse converted some….but mainly maimed , butchered and raped..and some having escaped….then where did the DNA of such go? or now as burkha is claimed to be Persianism…the DNA of the plunderers is also claimed to be Persian!!!

    Also ofcourse close eyes to the fact of bondage of the Indo Persian–aryan race….

    Some can suggest that the arab pop of egypt share the same DNA with nefretetti’s race..
    One can now claim that the chineese are tibetans and tibetans are assamese….

    Anyways..My first point still stands validated..that what can be expected from those who butchered Cyrus’s faith…and that the destroyers of the Persian faith themselves were so awed by what they destroyed that they adapted to Persianism…and claim its grandeur….
    Oh yes..and the original persians i.e zoroastrians of Iran STILL lay subdued since the claimers of Persianism..deem this fit!!

  • Gobi

    > Also ofcourse close eyes to the fact of bondage of the Indo Persian–aryan race….

    This is what I mean. Your statement reminds me o Hitler and the like. I have no further comments!

  • armeen

    looks like you guys are having an argument about features and DNA etc. there are much bigger issues that need our attention, especially at a time like this when there are less than a lakh Parsis worldwide. there is really no point about going back in history and pointing fingers at who destroyed whose empire. its better we deal with the issues of TODAY.

  • Gobi

    Armeen, I agree with you.

  • shantanu chatterjee

    umm btw Iran proper was invaded by arabs and mongols and if their current regime is anything to go by they left a lot of DNA over there.Parsees couldn’t marry Indians because of the strong caste system among Indians.A few illicit liasons happened on the sides ofcourse but they were the exception not the norm so to say that todays farsi speaking bufoons in Iran have a greater claim to iranian zoroastrian heritage than parsees is silly but FYI it seems to be quite a popular fantasy among iranians today just do random searches on youtube.

  • rustom

    the surprising thing is that those who are responsible for saving zoroastrianism after coming to India, sucessfull in passing zoroastrianism for a millenia, saving zoroastrians in earstwhile Persia and paying their taxes are maligned today by the ignorant few and those who want to change zoroastrianism to their personal workshop.

    Recently a scholar in zoroasrianism confirmed that the zoroastrians in India today continue to practise in the same way zoroastrianism was practised a 1000 years back and gave the clergy its due.Scholar priest like Dr Kotwal and Jamasasa,are known in circles like harward but are defiled by these ignorant neo zoroastrians.

    the popular fantasy is also not from all iranians zoroastrians but those few aided by the neo zoroastrians converts who in their wisdom try and achieve what hoardes of macedonians and moslems and those who wanted to christianise persia couldnt achieve in moe than a 1000 years.

    Zoroastrianism is being used by forces still in battle in Persia after 2000 years of destroying the zoroastrian flame. Those who want to overthrow the present culture and rule use zoroastrianism to create dissent, killing 2 brds with one stone..just like mithraism, manchism , mazdakism were used to destabilise sasanian empire after the christianisation of Rome in thirst to do the same to Persia.
    The arabs came in at the last and pushed zoroastrianism out and with that also the other force that Persia was in battle with, for the menace of trying to do to Persia what they did to rome . The battle costed the zoroastrians to be reduced from owning an empire to minority .
    The thirst to convert Persia continues and now zoroastrianism is in danger to be used.

    Yet we will continue to maintain what was passed on by the saviours of zoroastrianism whilst the neo zoroastrians blame us of social changes like donning the saree etc now they can blame us to be christianised since we eat with a fork and spoon!!!