Vada Dasturji Invites Narendra Modi to Udvada


March 11, 2011

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Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday wished that all Parsis settled in various parts of world should come to Udwada once a year and celebrate the occasion.

A Chief priest of Parsis worldwide Shri Khurshedji Dastur and Udwada’s Chief priest Dr. Peston Mirza Dastur called on the Chief Minister and presented him a letter felicitating him.

A delegation of Parsis invited the Chief Minister to participate in Parsi Iranshah’s 1290?s birthday celebration on 24 April in Udwada. The Chief Minister accepted the invitation.

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The high priests ofthe Parsi community and eminent Parsis showered lavish praises on the state government and assured that the community was and will always remain a proud part of Gujarat.

A large number of eminent Parsis descended on Gandhinagar on Wednesday to take part in a function. The High Priest of Iranshah Atash Behram in Udvada, Dastur Khurshed K Dastur, the second high priest Dr Peshotan Mirza, Shapoorji Pallonji CEO Kekoo Colah, Behram Mehta of Aava, high priests from Surat, Mumbai and Vadodara, President of Parsi Panchayat, Surat, were among the prominent Parsis present on the occasion.

The dignitaries recalled how their tiniest of tiny communities had flourished in Gujarat for several centuries. They also said that the Fire Temple at Udvada near Valsad has been their prime place of worship for hundreds of years.

Their other important religious centre is also located in Gujarat at Navsari.

Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who was feted by the Parsis, said he wished that Udvada would emerge as the Global Capital of Religious Harmony. He urged the Parsi community to maintain Udvada’s sacredness.

The Parsi community leaders have invited CM Narendra Modi for the 1290th birthday celebration of Iranshah, scheduled to take place in Udvada on April 24, which the CM gladly accepted.