2200-year-old gemstones found in Iran


April 28, 2008


History | Iran

Ancient priceless gemstones and jewels belonging to postdated Achaemenid era have been unearthed in Iran’s southern province of Fars.

Archeologists succeeded in discovering over 20 pieces of 2,200-year-old bracelets, necklaces and earrings adorned with agate, ruby and opal in ancient graves behind Salman-e Farsi Dam in Iran’s southern city of Yarj.

“The discovery of such gemstones is a unique achievement. Agates in various colors, ivory, opal and rock crystal (Quartz) in many colors were used to embellish the bracelets, necklaces and earrings,” said Alireza Ja’fari Zand, head of the archeological team at the dam.

“Discovery of jewels and gemstones in Sassanid and postdated Achaemenid graves is unprecedented,” he added.

Opal, which is described by Shakespeare as a miracle and the Queen of Gems, is depicted as a symbol of hope, happiness and truth in the East.

Ivory and clay were also used in making some of the necklaces.