Iranians, Founders of the World Empire

They are unaware of the fact that Iran enjoys a 9,000-year-old civilization which, based on historical accounts and what historians believe, shines so brilliantly in the world that such false talks have no effect on, or as Ebn-e-Xaldun puts it such “Blind Followers” can not ruin such a glorious reputation.

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  • adil balaporia

    The dominance of the world media, by powers and people in the West, is so strongly established, that even after knowing the truth, the victims of their false information, are helpless to change world opinion.
    Millions of Native Americans, along with their history and cultures, were erased from the face of the earth when Europeans occupied America. Yet Columbus after hundreds of years continues to be the one who “discovered” America. Ancient cultures without recorded history are lost forever.
    To control the world, first control the media, in a language the world speaks.
    Adil B.