Collector forbids Mhow Parsi community from selling property


April 5, 2015

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Based on a letter from the under secretary of the Minority Department of Government of India regarding a complain filled by Parveen Jahangir, collector Akash Tripathi found mismanagement, after conducting an investigation, in the working of Mhow-Parsi   Zorostrian Anjuman Trust.

Collector asked for an audit report from the executive president of the trust. Taking a note on the situation, the collector has forbidden the selling of Parsi community property. The registrar public trust and sub divisional officer Vijay Agrawal had issued an order forbidding any kind of property related business based on a complaint of Parveen Jahangir. The property is approximately worth Rs 11.55 crore and now it cannot be sold or purchased.

A meeting will be held today expecting 30 members to be disowned from their membership. These are the members who used to live in Mhow but now have shifted to other cities.