Govt scheme to arrest decline in Parsi population

Concerned over the dwindling number of Parsis, one of the five notified national minorities, Government has launched a scheme to arrest the trend of decline in their population.

The Central Sector Scheme is one of the four new projects to be implemented by the Ministry of Minority Affairs during the current financial year.

The population of Parsis has been declining over the years, reaching just 69,000 in 2001 from 1,14,000 in 1941.

The scheme for containing population decline of Parsis is to be implemented during 2010-11 and a budgetary provision of Rs 1 crore has been made for this purpose, an official statement said.

The scheme is currently undergoing the process of formulation, appraisal and approval by the competent authority, it added.

The government’s move came as the National Commission for Minorities pressed the panic button after a thorough survey among the community.

After its survey, the NCM suggested that the community should reverse the trend of late marriages or no marriages. The NCM survey also took note of the fact that the average birth rate in the community was coming down every year.

“Proportion of those not marrying is highest among the Parsis, especially among Parsi females,” the study had said.

From 223 births in 2001, it came down to 174 in 2006. In all these years, the average birth ratio remained below 200. Till August 2007, the total number of births in the community was just 99.

The survey had also pointed out a large number of Parsis are aged. Thirty per cent of the total population are above 50, while the number of adolescents and children remained just around 12 per cent.

Around 18,000 Parsis, who are Zoroastrian by faith, had fled to India from Persia during the Arab conquest over 1,000 years ago and settled in Gujarat. Over the years, the community has made a name for itself in entrepreneurship.


  • Siloo Kapadia

    Oh brother! What does the Indian government plan to do that the Parsi community itself cannot? The government is better off saving its time and money doing something else.

    Truth is, most Parsis are indifferent as to the state of the community. Our younger women are more interested and money and career, our men, in playing.

    Naturally, we can allow peopel to convert, as well as allow the children of intermarriages, but the lunatic fringe in our community are dead-set against this. They would rather the community fizzle out than allow those that really care about the religion in.

    So this whole government effort will be unseless. bathoo uthder che. Just another PR stunt to show that they care.

  • Zerxes.Dordi

    One crore is a pittance

  • Zarathushtra Zarthosti

    One crore for what?, the people who don’t want to save them self. And are imerging as one of the biggest racies community in the world after Taliban. Just for the information BPP is the biggest landlord in Mumbai then why BEG for more.

  • Siloo Kapadia

    Zarathushtra Zarthosti: I agree with you100%. BPP has pots of money. They are also against saving the community. so why should the govenrment of India try to save them?

  • farzana

    Righto Zarathushtra…well said. How can money arrest the decline of the community thats made up its mind to commit suicide!! As one blighter, not so long ago, had said here that accepting children from mix marriage or nonparsi spouses into the fold will be like adding water to milk..and went on to say, he would rather opt for an extinction than dillute this milk!! Well in that case, tathaastu- so be it

  • Shaimak Madon

    I fully agree with Z.Z. and Siloo. And money is not going to help in procreation.
    As for B.P.P. it assumes that feeding the gluttons once or twice a year, its duty is done.

  • Zarathushtra Zarthosti

    PAISA PAISA PAISA MONEY MONEY MONEY is the only thing that we think about, the values we owned once has been lost. Ohh arre pela parjat panlela ohne kem dur kariya, nahito kal saware aapra funds share karva padse. This are the very thoughts that go on in the very short sighted orthodox minds. I don’t think any of the parjat’s have married our daughters for monitary gains. The unfair pratice of discriminating between Parsi mem and Parsi Ladies is like illegally abort the girl child after illegally knowing the sex of the fetus. Maybe some of them have done this illegal thing in the past and want to supress the woman kind once again in another form.


  • Voice of Reason

    You are quoting an earlier post of somebody who actually must have meant that it was milk that is diluting the Water.

  • catchjyoti

    As a non-Parsi my humble opinion is that there is only one way to arrest this decline. And that is to allow non-Parsi spouses and children of such mixed marriages into the Parsi fold.

    People have to evolve with time. To be able to change one’s ways and thinking according to changing times is not a shortcoming but a strength.

  • Byram Sidhwa

    The article is now over four months old but the Parsi community does not know the name of its representative on the National Minority Commission.
    Speaks volumes for cohesion and sense of responsibility on the part of those who were expected to suggest the names for consideration of the concerned authorities.
    The ‘netas’ amongst Parsis are too preoccupied in creating ‘important’ issues and creating causes for members of the community to approach Courts.
    Had we had ‘netas’ of such ‘qualities’ in the past, where would our “Kaum’ been to -day.?

  • yahabibi

    WTF is wrong with the Parsis TIME TO START MAKING BEBES NOW!!!!

  • yahabibi

    WTF is wrong with the Parsis TIME TO START MAKING BEBES NOW!!!!