PM Modi Addresses Singapore and Begins with Parsi Story


November 25, 2015

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on a state visit to Singapore on November 24, 2015 addressed the Indian community there.


He begins the speech with the Qissa-I-Sanjan story about Sugar In The Milk as a a metaphor for how Parsis, and Indians enrich the lives of the communities, societies and nations they become part of.

Below is the video clip.

You can hear the entire speech here

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  1. Adil

    It was very heartening to hear Prime Minister Modi address the august gathering about the Parsi Community. We do believe that HE has high regards for the community, specially after taking blessings from the holy temple in Udvada and prior to his becoming the Prime Minister of India. Having said that, may I requests the honourable Prime Minister to help us residents of the Dadar Parsi Colony with a plan which can make this colony safe to live.

    Dadar Parsi Colony (officially Mancherji Joshi Parsi Colony) a Parsi colony in midtown south Mumbai. It is situated in the locality of Dadar-Matunga. Unlike the other Parsi Colonies (also known as ‘baugs’, literally gardens) it is not surrounded by a wall or fence and is not isolated from its surroundings. Due to which miscreants invade and make a lot of nuisance in this beautiful otherwise peaceful colony. The colony houses the famous Five Gardens created by Mancherji Joshi, a renowned Parsi.

    On behalf of the people residing in this colony, I earnestly requests you SIr, to help us by creating borders / walls around the surrounding like other Parsi Colonies like Cusrow Baug, Nawroze Baug, etc.
    Looking forward to hearing from the Ministry.