Sarosh Homi Kapadia Appointed Chief Justice of India


April 30, 2010


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Supreme Court Justice Sarosh Homi Kapadia has been appointed the new chief justice of India. Kapadia will assume charge May 12.

Kapadia takes over from Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, India’s first Dalit chief justice.

A press release from the ministry of law and justice stated: “In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (2) of Article 124 of the Constitution of India, the President is pleased to appoint Justice Sarosh Homi Kapadia, judge of the Supreme Court, to be the Chief Justice of India with effect from May 12, 2010.”

Here is a detailed bio of CJI Kapadia from the Bombay High Court website.

Justice Sarosh Homi Kapadia, B.A. (Hons.), LL.B. :

Born on 29th September 1947. Enrolled as an Advocate on 10th September 1974.

Practiced in the Bombay High Court, both on the Original Side and Appellate Side in Suits, Letters Patent Appeals, Writs, matters under Negotiable Instruments Act, Detention Matters, matters under Bombay Rent Act, matters under Bombay Municipal Corporation Act including trials concerning fixation of rate able value, matters under Maharashtra Land Revenue Code including trials concerning valuation of properties for the purposes of fixation of NA assessments, challenge to the validity of notifications fixing Standard Rent, appeared in AOs, First Appeals under the BMC Act, Second Appeals as also in Land Acquisition References under the Land Acquisition Act as also in matters under Bombay Land Requisition and Acquisition Act. This is apart from the practice in Industrial Law and Services Matters.

Appeared as a counsel for the Department in Income-Tax matters. Appeared as a counsel for BMC in matters concerning rate able value and Octroi. Appeared as a counsel for Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation in High Court and Supreme Court in connection with service matters including disputes concerning framing of Pension Rules. Also appeared for the Management and Unions in matters under Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 and ULP Act, 1972. Appointed as an Additional Judge of the Bombay High Court on 8th October 1991.

Appointed as a Permanent Judge of the Bombay High Court on 23rd March 1993. Appointed as a Judge of the Special Court (Trial of Offences Relating to Transaction in Securities) Act, 1992 on 15th October 1999. During the above period, decided important matters under PIL pertaining to CRZ, financial matters under RBI and Banking Regulation Act; matters concerning the Constitutional validity of the 74th Amendment Act of 1992 dealing with Municipalities; matters under the Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act, 1976; matters concerning Mergers and Acquisitions; matters under Payment of Bonus Act; matters under Industrial Disputes Act.

In addition to the above, dealt with matters under the Income Tax Act concerning Valuation of closing stocks, Accounting treatment to be given to Modvat Credit Convergence of Tax Accounting with Commercial Accounting, etc. As a Judge presiding over the Special Court has dealt with Civil and Criminal matters including matters concerning corroborative value to be given to the Report submitted by RBI and JPC vis-à-vis Evidence Act. As a Judge of the Special Court, has also dealt with Accounts and Finances of Banks and Financial Institutions as also accounts of the Share and Stock Brokers as also matters under Contempt o Courts Act where the Notified Parties had diverted their assets.

As a Judge of the Special Court has framed Investment Schemes, Schemes dealing with Valuation and Disposal of Shares of Notified Parties as also Distributions of asset of the Notified Parties under the Act and declaring dividends to the Creditors of the Notified Parties.Appointed as Chief Justice of the Uttaranchal High Court on 5.8.2003. Elevated to the Bench of the Supreme Court of India on 18.12.2003.Has keen interest in Economics, Public Finance, Theoretical Physics and Hindu and Buddhist Philosophies. Due to retire on 29.09.2012 (F.N.).


  1. s r desai

    well with a bawaji at the helm of affairs one expects a marked difference in the system of dispensation of justice. hopefully he will initiate steps to reduce the backlog of pending cases, fill up the vacant seats in lower judiciary, improve the administration infrastructure of courts and especially lower courts etc etc and most importantly endeavour to make the justice system people friendly restoring their respect for law and order

  2. Ahsan Rafique Butt

    Congratulations to the Parsi community world over, it is great honour.


    Type your comment here… congratulation SAROSH SIR for appointed as CJI , im also a law student of final year and proud to be zoroastrian once again congratulation.

  4. Jerou Rammohan

    Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to you dear Sarosh on attaining the highest Chair of Justice. Let SATYA MEVA JAYATE be your very motto and allow the purity of your Soul to decide always the FAIR and JUST upshots, like your predecessors Soli Sorabjee, Fali Narimaan and others. May your tribe increase to keep the fiag of the Parsee community flying high the World over and go down in History of Justice as a great good Soul. AMEN.
    With all good wishes for your very honest and successful tenure,
    Yours in divinity, Jerou

  5. Fali K. Madon

    Dear Mr. Sarosh, congrats on being appointed the next New Chief Justice Of India, u have made our Parsee Community proud. Good Luck to u Sir, once again. Hope God gives u the courage to dispense justice and truth always!!

  6. Abhijit Kumar Das

    Revered Sir,
    Adoring the throne of CJI, you have proved the power of honesty consistant work with Zeal and added an excellent page in the history of Indian Judiciary and proved a mile stone by achieving the highest chair, which has wheeled journey from merely a fourth grade employee.
    Sir, you would remain a source of Inspiration for the generation to come.

  7. Aspi Pastakia

    Hi Sarosh, Congratulations! I am Aspi Pastakia, who use to sit and work with you in Nanabhoy’s office while you were pursuing your LLB studies. Dinaz and I are so Glad to see you in CJI’s Chair. May God Bless you and our community, Amen.

  8. Mr & Mrs Noshir Jamshedji Bhumgara

    Dear Sarosh

    Firstly A Hearty Congratulations to you,we are very proud of you.
    Your father Homi (Homi mama) used to stay with us at Sleater Road,Yor mother Katy was a good friend of my mother in law Ms Aloo Sarkari.
    We wanted to speak to them at the Poona number we had but were unable to reach them.We would appreciate if you could please call or e-mail us their telephone numbers.

    Good Luck & May Dada Ahura Mazda help you in what you do.

    Noshir Jamshedji Bhumgara
    Amy R Boyce

  9. Kalpesh

    Having read Mr. Kapadia’s bio, I am sure he will work hard to bring in much needed changes in our rotten political system.

    I must say, only a Parsi can do wonders :)

  10. AC

    The 27 years journey from 1947 to 1974 is really truncated would love to read more about the formative years of value beliefs, the schooling, colleges, his real life even if we may not call it struggle but surely not that of plenty would be inspiring for many youngsters