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May 26, 2014

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Our regular reader Rusi Sorabji sends us the note below. This is on the occassion of Narendra Modi taking the oath of office as the Prime Minister of India on Monday May 26, 2014.


Rusi writes:

Remember when Narendra Modi addressed Parsis on 24 April, 2011 at Udvada, & Vada Dastur Kurshedjee Kekobad wished that a decade later Shri Modi would also attend the 1300th birth celebration of Iranshah as the Prime Minister of India.

Here is an extract published in “Desh Gugarat”  Newspaper.

Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi today wished recognition of ‘World heritage centre of religious harmony’ for Parsi pilgrim place Udvada while speaking at Udvada in Valsad where he was a special guest in 1290th birth celebration of Parsi Atash Behram Iranshah.

Chief Minister Modi was felicitated by head Dasturjees and leaders of Parsi community. Chief Minister prayed at the site of the sacred fire Atash Behram and viewed the display of Zoroastrian Information Centre that showcases the lifestyle of Parsi people. Shri Modi said he is indebted to Parsi community and that he seeks the blessing of Humta-Hukhta-Huvarshta (Good thoughts-Good words-Good deeds) from Iranshah.

Modi said it was a matter of utmost pride for him that world’s smallest of the small, micro minority gave  him a standing ovation because whether a regime is working well or not, whether the approach of the regime is same for all or biased to someone is answered and hailed by world’s micro-minority here. Modi said there’s no other certificate needed now.

“I sometime think that if Parsi community had not arrived here, what could happen to us Gujaratis here? We could not learn to have a smile, we could not have learn to face and overcome our problems with smile,” Modi said.

“This is the community that doesn’t want anything from government. They even don’t want election ticket. This shows that their love is without condition, without any expectation, and therefore purest possible. I haven’t heard any Parsi going to jail. All other communities have tasted jail term, but not Parsis. Some tradition some ‘Samskar’ must be there to make this possible, and Gujarat is benefited by it. One would find Parsi on the top of every area, be it industry, science, army or any other area. It is fact that Parsis didn’t increase population, but i think if Parsis had done it, the nation could get great benefit out of it, and I pray Iranshah for more and more contribution of Parsis to this nation,” Modi further said.

Modi said he came to Iranshah with a motive to get blessings for three things that he wanted good thoughts, good words and good deeds.”I want blessings so that I don’t commit mistake, and I don’t do anything that is harmful to anyone.”

Modi appealed Parsis to visit Shyamji Krushna Verma monument in Kutch’s Mandvi where one section is devoted to Madam Cama. “Madam Cama’s glorious history has been showcased in Mandvi, you will be proud of your heritage after visiting that place.

Modi said once the government of India was facilitating once-a-year tour to Iran for Parsis living in India, however it is unfortunate that this tradition has been discontinued by present central government. “We would put a demand before the centre to hold talks with Iran and start facilitating such tour again.”

Modi recalled how he had urged then Tourism Minister Jagmohan in Ahmedabad to start the tours of Udvada and Sanjan. He said, “In the era of religious and sectarian conflicts, Sanjan and Udavada are the biggest global destinations showcasing religious harmony.”

Modi appealed Parsis all over the world that they should visit at least once a year to Udavada and Sanjan.

Dastur Kurshedjee Kekobad wished that a decade later Shri Modi would also attend the 1300th birth celebration of Iranshah as the Prime Minister of India.

This wish of Mr. Mody becoming P.M. of   India came true yesterday.

He said that Parsi people are highly secure in Gujarat. ‘Foundation for development of Udvada’ is the result of Chief Minister’s farsightedness. Zoroastrian Information Centre has also been developed with the help of Chief Minister’s funding.

Head Dasturjees and Parsi dignitaries expressed gratitude towards Chief Minister and gave standing ovation to him. Standing ovation from a micro-minority community is the real certificate for the good governance practices of his government, said Chief Minister.

Noted Hindi film actor Boman Irani described Shri Modi as the guardian of the sacred fire Atash Behram and of pilgrim place Udvada, second after King Jadav Rana of Sanjan who gave shelter to Parsi people. BJP national office bearer Smruti Irani, religious leaders, Parsi community leaders and Collector Sushri P.Barthi were present on the occasion among others.

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  1. Kaio

    He is wooing all the wealthy communities. Today I read about him praising the Sindhis. I don’t know why I feel so skeptical about him.