WZO : London Divorces India

With deep regret, the World Zoroastrian Organisation (WZO) wishes to announce that it can no longer be associated with WZO (India).

By Darayus S. Motivala / The Bombay Samachar

This decision was taken after very careful consideration of the actions of the committee of WZO (India) which has taken such a divergent path that they no longer share the same aims and objectives, membership criteria, activities or ethos of WZO. In fact we are now two very different organizations with contrasting views because of the choices made by WZO (India). WZO is an inclusive and forward looking organization, committed to promoting and safeguarding the Zoroastrian faith and looking after the interests of Zoroastrians world-wide; in contrast, WZO (India) has chosen to remain inward-looking with its focus on social activities.

WZO (India) was set up by WZO to represent and further its interests in India. It had a similar constitution, the same membership criteria as WZO and was engaged in parallel charitable activities. This arrangement worked well and was beneficial to both organizations. However, since the late nineties, the committee of WZO (India) chose to take a divergent path, contrary to the original objectives.

From around 1997, the WZO (India) committee decided not to keep WZO informed about their activities, their annual accounts and their membership. This is despite WZO continuing to send all information to WZO (India).

Last year, we found that WZO (India), without any prior discussions, had altered its membership application forms in 2002 so that only those Zoroastrians born of both Zoroastrian parents could qualify as members – which is contrary to the membership criteria of WZO. It is also very clear that WZO (India)’s emphasis now is more on social activities rather than charitable ones, which is again a change of priorities and inconsistent with the ethos of WZO.

Since the middle of last year, some of the WZO (India) committee members have shared information confidential to WZO with others not connected with WZO or with WZO (India). They have also chosen to renege on previously agreed proposals to move WZO forward, in order to meet the needs of Zoroastrian worldwide, despite securing the safeguards they sought. Whilst WZO has sought to accommodate them in their beliefs, WZO (India) have chosen to force their beliefs on Zoroastrian worldwide.

WZO wishes to state unequivocally that WZO (India) is no longer permitted to use our registered address and UK charity number in any of its correspondence and publicity materials. Any period wishing to join WZO from India can do so by contacting us through our website, www.w-z-o.org or by post at our headquarters in UK. In time, we will set up new local contact addresses in India.

We are disappointed that all our overtures for reconciliation with the committee of WZO (India) have fallen on deaf ears and may have been misinterpreted by them as a sign of weakness on our part.

We are very appreciative of the support given by WZO (India)’s President, Mr. Dadi Engineer, through the years and of his efforts to convince his committee to seek a path of reconciliation. He will continue to enjoy our full confidence along with the other members (Mr. Dady Mistry, Delhi; Mrs. Mani Clubwala, Chennai; Mrs. Meher Amersey, Mumbai and Mr. Homi Khusrokhan, Mumbai) of WZO’s Managing Committee.

WZO wishes to make it clear that the WZO Trusts in India, managed by Dinshaw and Bachi Tamboly, are not connected with WZO (India). They have and will continue to have our admiration and support.

Darayus S. Motivala

Chairman WZO

  • Urvax.Motafram

    Parsees in India are far far superior than those of Western Countries. We are more religiously inclined, observe tarikats and traditions imbibed from our forefathers.In the West they do not have a single consecrated Fire Temple. Pav Mahel does not exist except in western coast of India.
    We can do without these mixed breeders.WZO can not be allowed to bring their ‘mixture’ agenda by providing financial aid to poverty stricken Parsees in rural India. They have exploited this state of poverty for promoting their hidden agenda of bhel puri Parsees.

  • Homiyar Bilimoria

    It is very unfortunate and disappointing for WZO London to have taken this step. WZO London, though its Indian wing, has done a lot for the poor Parsis in the past and I wonder if this good work will be carried forward by the breakaway WZO India. It is because of the initiatives taken by WZO London that today a lot of Parsis/Zoroastrians, particularly in South Gujarat are able to survive. Mr. Urvax Motafram forgets that most of these Parsis/Zoroastrians in the villages of South Gujarat were not born into the faith, but were inducted into our religion and they were a neglected lot by the Indian local Parsi charity organizations, until WZO London, through its Indian wing, took up their cause and improved their living standard.
    The absence of a consecrated fire temple abroad does not mean that the Parsis in the West or elsewhere outside India are inferior Zoroastrians! The so called superiority (ego) of the Parsis in India is the root cause today of the decline of our community in India.
    It is high time for the so called Superior Parsis of India and their leaders to wake up and face reality, rather than sticking their head in the sans and believe that they are the only superior lot and Parsis in rest of the world are a “bhel puri” lot!

  • Well – FINALLY!!! They figured out what happens when they start muddling with our religion!!!

    I feel so proud that minuscule as we may be, vulnerable as we may be, under-privileged as we may be – truth has prevailed, our ethnicity has prevailed – and we the people have pushed back these deen-dushmans back to where they belong – to their non-believing bliss of the west.

  • nairika

    Urvax, you have missed your calling – the Taliban is hiring in Pakistan and Afghanistan

  • apustad

    It is unfortunate that the London wing of WZO has severed ties with WZO India.
    With difference in regions this was going to happen one day and it is good it happened sooner then later.
    WZO London had achieved success in India thru it’s funding but the main credit goes to the silent workers like Dinshaw Tumboli, with whom I had the opportunity to work on various fund raising projects. Hence it’s not money that always counts but the hard work and integrity of an individual. Individuals make or break and organisation and I think WZO India will move forward and I hope it will continue with its various projects.

  • Zarathushtra Zarthosti

    W.Z.O. India will Move forward yes but only in filling up their own pockets.


  • Urvax.Motafram

    Lady probably you coul not find a soul mate from your community that made you opt for inter faith marriage ans wasting your parent’s money in vesting you with Sudreh Kusti in your Child hood and the attendant expenses incurred by them in your Navjote. Or perhaps the attraction of wealth made you go to west and settle down there. Whatever it be, I care 2 hoots for your remark.
    I compliment persons like Rustom Jamaji, Chottabhai,K.Tamboli and one Dhabhar who boldly face up to regular pijan from group sharing your misplaced agenda.

  • apustad

    It is sad to learn that people place comments like “W.Z.O. India will Move forward yes but only in filling up their own pockets.”.
    It is more sad to know that people leave such comments by hiding their identity. And is even more sad to know that they do so in the name of “KHSHNAOTHRE AHURAHE MAZDAO”.

    Sir or Madame, whoever you are please let good people do some good to others, if you cannot do good, please do not indulge in mud slinging.

    I do not know whether you are in India or abroad, but can only guess it is petty to make such statements.

  • piloo_2

    I do not subscribe or dispute to the opinion expressed by Zarathushtra Zarthosti in the post of 31st July. I HAVE NO OPINION in this matter. But is not everybody entitled to his or her opinion about some other person.? Does that mean that such a person on the Board is irreligious and has no right to invoke the sentence of
    I fully agree that ALL members of the Community must immediately stop mudslinging but please render this well meaning advise of yours to those who criticize others every fortnight in a secular paper. And I am sorry to state that the current Editor of Jame due to her past association is not free from such bias since in the last issue she has questioned the authenticity of signatories of a online petition and claims that controversies are ignited by such activities. What about the needless controversies in fortnightly FPJ.
    Pardon me for just drawing your attention to FACTS.

  • Zarathushtra Zarthosti

    Dear Austad, Why in the name of God did the WZO India make a serious charitable trust into a politically motivated trust. Well the answer is, it’s a well planned strategy to squeez the liberal. First the coup in Jame then the orthodox silently got in the core of WZO (India) since 1997 the list of the new members was also not provided to WZO (UK) and also no accounts where provided for years together. Now the next target in line is Mr. Jahengir of Parsiana. How can someone change the original format of the concept of someone innovative Idea which was only purely to help his fellow Zoroastrians. It is the WZO India who behaved in an unacceptable manner which lead to this unfortunate event.


  • k.tamboli

    When majority of the Zoroastrians are in India itself then what right does the so-called organization does have to make any rules for?
    The so-called WZO is said to have agreed to make ANYONE as its member if he/she claims to be a Zoroastrian, I wonder where on earth does that lead.
    I feel relatively skeptical about this so-called organization, in-fact any true Parsi would, the actions that it has tried to enforce over us raises many suspicious questions!
    But it seems the lathi of Ahura Mazda has done the wonderful magic again!! All the cruel intentions seem to totters.
    The so-called WZO had & still does challenge the very existence of our religion itself by its Anti-Religious activities, one surly cannot pay no attention to it just by thinking that it has lost a lot by this incident itself, in fact organizations such as these still need to be kept in radar.
    Surly one cannot forget when one adult Russian was almost ready to be initiated into priesthood by one of the most world famous false priest himself, one wonders why did they not dare to declare their sinful activity only to be caught red handed. No Prizes for guessing why am I mentioning the same here!

    It’s the issues such as these that really need to be debated in the Parsi circle, not to forget that our respected High Priest should lead the debate themselves, Only they can solve these issues as they are & will be the ultimate human authority over our religion.
    By the word “debate” I here would like to clarify it to the terms of discussing how to avoid such evil activities & activities probably very identical to them.

    God Bless All..

  • R.Kayani.

    The lathi of Ahriman has ensured that Parsees in rural areas will be deprived of decent livelihood thru gainful avocation since financial assistance from the West may not be forthcoming to the extent it used to.Only idiots will call this severance a ‘victory’. Thise in WZO (Original) were neither interested in BPP flats nor were going to enter our local places of worship.
    Those whose ‘reading’ is restricted to Jame & consider Mumbai Samachar as anti Religious can not understand that despite the disapproval of Mumbai Parsees (Minority/Majority ??), conversions do take place all across the World in to Zoroastrian fold. So persons like Tamboli can not mislead the masses by calling severance with original WZO as an act of Ahura Mazda for if that was so, why Ahura Mazda does not ‘prevent’ Navjotes of non Parsees abroad?
    Yes Tamboli, can you explain why local Parsee poulation is going down numerically. Do you consider that to be wish of Ahura Mazda?

    As for ‘respected high’ priests, they have acted overtime to lose respect of laity by their wrong actions for materialistic objectives. What can they ‘lead’ us. If they have the fear of Ahura Mazda, they should silence their critics by replying to various allegations. Silence on their part is an admission of their lapses.


    @Zarathushtra Zarthosti . There is much substance in what you have stated. The aim of these ‘pious’ &’traditiinal minded duplicates has been to supress the Parsee press and havew succeded. The current issue of Parsiana carried more artcles from dhongees than those who use their minds.
    Just for ur information, I discontinued Jame 6 months back and if Parsiana too wants to follow the footsteps of Jame Weakly, I will not renew its subscription. Whether it will make a difference to their finances is immaterial to me.Let them PROSPER without subscriptions from persons like me.
    It amuses me to read advise of persons who themselves HIDE their own identites asking others NOT TO HIDE their identity.
    As for the pious remark of a person calling himself K Tamboli about the LATHI OF AHURAMAZDA , I have just THREE questions:
    1) Is the vanishing of vultures also not an act of lathi of Ahura Mazda?
    2) Is inability to set up an Aviary for rearing Vultures too is attributable to Lathi of Ahura Mazda?
    3) Election of Jhhotha Trustees on false promises too would be a reward of Ahura Mazda to self styled Orthodox.
    Please do not malign Ahura Mazda for controversial acts of those who have become trustees by fluke.

  • Cybulman

    The WZO London is a social body and so they can make whatever rules they want. They can admit whoever they want !
    Shiyaa or Sunni Muslims, sucide bombers, homosexuals, prostitutes…ANYONE!

    BUT, the WZO India does not have to kow tow and follow them on their road to ruin! Just because they have money, they cannot dangle the pursestrings to “kenchhao” good Parsis into bad deeds.

    Both are free to do what they want!

    Cyrus Bulsara

  • Khoremand

    If Parsees had faith in High Priests, they would not have a cause to visit Babas,Peers, Novenas and Mandirs. The classical example of how even ‘choost’ devoted,sincere, stauch Zoroastrians have to fall back on “Spiritual Gurus” is best illustrated by the case of one Mr. Hushang Vakil, a stauch orthodox who has sang praises for one Guru Ramaanandji and I take liberty to suggest to all on this blog to read http://www.daijiworld.com/news/news_disp.asp?n_id…n.. for Vakil’s profound admiration for this Hindu Guru.
    Vakil’s eulogy of this Hindu Guru.as available on above website shows how bankrupt our comunity has become due to absence of faith in our own High Priests. This gentleman Mr Hushang Vakil have made substantive contributions in form of articles in the forum Tenets of Zoroasrianism which too are readily available on the net. He is very candid and honest in stating that he has met many similar type of Gurus of other faiths but they fell short of expectation. This post of Vakil is a testimony to Parsees seeking solace and guidance from Godmen of other faiths for apparent shortcomings of present lot among Zoroastrian Priests. Had any Parsee priests been able to impress a well read Orthodox Parsee, would he have reason to visit this Guru Ramaanandji ?

  • @khoremand, could you give the link again ?? would like to read it – link doesnt work …

  • Boman Patel

    I too had difficulty in locating this site.Try http://www.daijiworld.com/news/news_disp.asp?n_id=66597&n_tit=Dubai%3A+Ramanand+Guruji+Meets+Disciples+on+Maiden+Visit+to+UAE – Cached or beter still try by Google “Dubai: Ramanand Guruji Meets Disciples on Maiden Visit to UAE’
    Hope you succeed.

  • Shireen Palia

    It is nothing much but perfect waste of time to discuss about WZO when in no way is it related to us, the fact cannot be denied that past few years back BPP itself had rejected to join it. WZO enrolls non-Zoroastrian spouses as members with full voting rights including the right to be an office-bearer. In fact anyone professing to be a Zoroastrian can become a member of WZO, including OSAMA BIN LADEN, now just IMAGINE….

  • Zerxes.Dordi

    Dear Sir, Do not expect a reply to your three questions that you have asked Tamboli. Persons whose limit of knowledge is confined to reading sterilised “News” in Jame and FPJ WAPIZ page assume that others too are not net savvy. They believe that they can deceive all for all times to come.I agree with R Kayani on this issue i.e, the biased reporting by ceration sections of Community’s Press. As for Parsiana, even if it changes colurs or is forced to ‘toe the line’ like Jame, then
    one has to read in the cyberspace the zeal of others overseas in embracing our Religion without any problems.
    The Russian referred to is already a Priest in Russia and not
    ‘was almost ready to be initiated into priesthood’ as stated by Tamboli.
    Thanks for your post. Nothing new in knowing the duplicate nature of Traditionalists. One rule for common Parsees like us an another for fake Orthodox.

  • manashni

    It is a quite known reality that Wzo India or Wzo London has a habit to contort its own establishment as per its wish, that is including its own constitution too. Say it is establishing certain types of admissions into its organization or helping causes which not only devalues the community but are anti-community too.

    The said western thinking, which now is a thing for concern, has overstepped its limitations, albeit warned about it they did not bother, their idea was never acceptable here and now they clash with their Gurujis themselves. Their aim now not being anything different of more then a used cadaver is going to lead them no where.

    A parsi who so ever when becomes a member of the said organization should at least show temperance to know what originally Wzo stands for, the reality cannot be ignored that the name here is used for the promotion of the organization and not at all for any sort of religious purpose, the name is just used to fool naives.

    Real long time back there a video doing rounds in which there were few priest in Europe performing a Navjote of a fully Mature Lady, I doubt the contention of such videos and what do they intend to message the community. The horrific part of which was that the women was least bothered about her modesty too. No such people cannot be Zoroastrians, no way, never. If that would be the case then it wouldn’t be long enough before we no longer are different then any other. It is a very commonly used and fairly known Practice in India where people are paid money to change their religion or are themselves forced by their needs to change their religion in order to gain access to monetary assistance. If any sort of liberality is shown in our policy as wished by Wzo then for sure our community would go corrupt within a minute period of time.

    In conclusion it can be said that the caused trepidation for Wzo is as a result of wrong policy, wrong doing and wrong intentions. Hopefully Wzo and its idiotic revolutionary ideas would be now buried forever, And yet one can even ask them if they regret it, in case their answer is “yes” then wonders why they made light out of the communities advice. Its just like Penny wise pound foolish.

  • Meher Havewala

    The world of Zoroastrianism is much broader than Bombay and Surat based bawas residing in Charity flats. The total number of followers of Zoroastrianism numerically far exceeds the tribe of Parsees in India.

    Khojestee Mistree got elected in BPP elections with 4622 votes only… and ..Yazdi Desai with mere 4460 votes …Do they represent the voice of the whole community on Religious issues in India? Are you daydreaming, Mr.Tamboli?

    Secondly, if Zoroastrians are not those who call themselves Zoroastrians, than who exactly are Zoroastrians, pray? Strictly speaking, If Vendidad forbids mix marriages ,it also forbids ‘divorce’ between the couples as an ultimate SIN of soul… Therefore all those Zoroastrians, esp Ervads like your dear buddy Dhabhar and his dearest Zenobia Tamboli [‘Eastern’ on ORKUT], who are divorcees are technically out of the list of Parsi fold, right… Reading Parsiana I feel Dhabhar for a change is correct. We can not alter Religious Laws by process of Voting but thats exactly what the ELECTED TRUSTEES OF BPP HAVE DONE. Now how does it feel,mister Eminence? Its very easy to point fingers at Nairika!!! Vendidad also forbids men from shaving and forbids bachelorhood …therefore all bawas who shave their beard, don’t cover their head 24X7, don’t wear knee lenght 9 path sudras or are singles for whatever reasons are all out of the list too!!…I’m lovin it!! Still betta… all those bawis who are caught having extra maritial lafdaas face stonning to death under the same laws of Vendidad…Sounds like mullah regime of Iran are under nfluence of Vendidad than Koran…Of cause laws are different for Men, they are allowed to marry as many times …so Vendidad doesn’t prescribe Monogamy either.
    Well, Just because we, Parsi idiots, prefer to live in dark and don’t take initiative to know the details of the obscure religious scriptures like Vendidad written by unknown Mobeds hundreds of years after Zarathustra,and forced down our throats …We allow types like Tamboli to con us by selectively picking on verses that suits them..
    I do not find any textural support saying- CONVERSION TO ZOROASTRIANISM is FORBIDDEN!!! How was the first Parsee born?

    In Gatha, which are said to be the only authentic words of Zarathustra, Conversion to his philosophy MazdaYasna is welcome to all and all from any race or part of the world…there is nothing about Mix marriages either… So who are Khojestee Mistry and his chamchaas to contest Zarathushtra’s words while selectively exempting their own family members? If they don’t like it…they are free to start their own religion- Bipolar Khojestism … Good Luck. GR for BR

    BTW, the real LATHI of Mazda Ahura is giving us an access to INTERNET which has frustrated the designs of self serving Talibans like you !! This post is meant to make you believe how ‘shaken and scared’ we all are due to your cameo appearance after being exiled . muahhhhhhaaaahaaaaaaa

  • nairika

    Urvax, You obviously care more than ‘2 hoots’ for what I said or you would not have felt compelled to reply. You are right, I could not find my soul mate in our community – I was looking for more than mumma’s-boys, with mediocre educations, letching at girls in baugs. Hence, I waited till I found my soul-mate and only them married. Also, don’t spend a sleepless night over my parents and the money they spent for my Navjote. It was a beautiful function AND they adore their son-in-law and his family.
    Also, I don’t apologize for moving west. I received the education I was seeking and because if it I am financially well settled.

    I don’t live my life in fear of how you judge or perceive me. I could not say this more clearly – I DO NOT CARE if you are upset at the choices I have made and still call myself Zarathushti. My religion us between me, ny family and Ahura Mazda. This equation has absolutely no room for the likes of you, Khojeste,… Your kind of thinking preys on people less fortunate and educated. I don’t subscribe to it.

  • Dorab.

    I agree with Zerxes that it totally beyond the reach of ‘Tamboli’to reply to issues raised by R Kayani or the three questions raised by contra dhongi.
    If he is asked to reply the same, he will once again use endless adjectives thinking that by such acts others will get scared and run away. If wishes were horses who would ride?.
    Of course K Tamboli and his various aliases.

  • Bakhtawar

    Fictitious and fake identities to promote their own idelogy needs to be nipped in the bud. I suggest to Moderators to insist on disclosure of date of Birth of those Registering as bloggers and also details of their residential address and no posts should be allwed to be published till this basic verification is complete. We have individuals who want to forcibly push their ideology on others and for that they post their ideology first with fictitious full name including a bogus Surname and then in second instance take up another log in Id with his first name. The same person had the gall to call others cowards some time back. Is this Religious ‘fervour’?

  • R.Kayani.

    Yes, Baktawar is right. There are many bogus messengers & bloggers proliferating trying to create a false impression of ‘majority’ supporting their views (?).We can not expect individual verification but certainly insisting on providing Landline numbers of BSNL & MTNL at the time of Registration will act as a sure deterrent. This would go a long way in curbing bogus Id’s. Are you listening Sirs?
    Some persons who claim to be ‘pure breeds’ (but would run away if called upon to get their DNA test done) are using utmost despicable language against others just to intimidate them and curb dissenting voices to reinforce their false claim of majority. Many of those who cast votes in BPP Elections in 2008 are repenting for their wrong choices but unfortunately there is no mechanism for recall of these individuals whose sole aim is to divide the community on lines of British policy of divide and rule. Can our tiny community afford this negative luxury.? 2014 will be too late. All persons questioning these self made tradition bound theocrats are not irreligios or of mixed origin. Remember that.

  • R.Kayani.

    Forgot to add here. One may not share and agree with views of Er Hathiram but this person is at least upright and bold enough to subscribe his name on his articles expresiing his beliefs. He is at least not an elusive personality to go into hibernation when facing a volley of unanswerable questions a la Tamboli.