Astronomer Anahita Sidhwa Invited to Oxford Round Table


July 7, 2009

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Astronomer Anahita Sidhwa will travel to Oxford in a few weeks to share deep thoughts about constellations.

The instructor from Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch will join the Oxford Round Table July 26-31 to discuss reconciling science, humanities and religion.

The Oxford Round Table at the University of Oxford in England is a forum that strives for diversity. Invitees have been presidents, provosts and chancellors of universities. Others have been charter school, business and religious leaders.

Sidhwa said she’s a good fit for the intellectual triage. She sees great art in the skies; she is Zoroastrian, a religion with roots leading back to ancient Persia; and science demands strong analytical skills.

"There is a lot of emphasis in our religion on individual choice and good thinking," Sidhwa said.

Sidhwa was born in Pakistan and is now a naturalized U.S. citizen, who has taught at Brookhaven almost since it opened its doors about 30 years ago.

She is animated about her disciplines and moves easily from Mayan mathematics to Galileo’s use of the telescope some 400 years ago.

"When you look at the sky, you can’t help but be amazed and inspired by everything that is out there," she said. "And so you do get a great sense of the divine."

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