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Bejan Daruwala going strong at 77

Bejan Daruwala missed turning 77 on 7/7/07 by four days, but that did nothing to dampen the spirits at the bawdy Parsi astrologer’s birthday party on Wednesday night.

Girlfriend and muse Tehmi Pardiwala in a strange departure from custom, did not sing “Happy Birthday” to him, but lustily rendered her own composition dedicated to ” Mera Raju ”

. “Who’s Raju,” the friends and family gathered to raise a toast to Bejan asked. “He is,” replied Tehmi, lovingly planting a kiss on Bejan’s bald pate.

The party drew close friends Sharvin and Viraf Chiniwala, Delna and Jimmy Mistry, Dr Porus Andhyarujina, Prem Kishen and Monty – sons of Bejan’s old friend and former client, Bollywood actor Premnath – tarot card reader Larra Shah, Nalin Javeri, Vinod Agarwal, Prakash and Kailash Kothari, plus the astrologer’s Man Friday Babloo.

Bejan’s son, the Ahmedabad-based astrologer Nastur Daruwala, and daughter-in-law Meetu were also present. As were Tehmi’s daughters Zinobia and Sanobar (with fiance Prakash), the latter girl being an attractive stunt woman for Bollywood, who doubled for Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2.

Bejan, of course, collared the conversation at every table and provided scintillating entertainment. The dinner was personally supervised by Master Chef Augustine Rosario who gourmets in Mumbai will remember for his fabulous Continental meals at the old Society restaurant.

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