Brigadier Dosoo Gimi’s Military Sword Bequeathed to HighGate RSL


April 18, 2018

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A very special bequest was made to Highgate RSL during our March meeting, with the presentation of the military sword belonging to BRIG Dosoo Gimi, by his daughter, Kamal Plank, on behalf of her Mother. BRIG Gimi played a significant part in the history of the Indian Armyduring the tumultuous post- War years, with a career culminating in his appointment as Deputy Military Secretary at Army Headquarters.


Born in 1919 and commissioned in the 1st Battalion Baluch Regiment in 1941, he served in Syria as the Regiment’s Commanding Officer. In 1948, Dosoo Gimi was appointed Commanding Officer of the 5th Battalion 8th Gurkha Rifles in Jammu and Kashmir. Six years later, in 1954, he was assigned staff duties as Assistant Quarter Master General at Poona, then appointed General Staff Officer (Grade 1) at Army Headquarters in

New Delhi.


He served as Deputy Military Secretary, before retiring with the rank of Brigadier in 1969. BRIG Dosoo Gimi was a member of Highgate RSL for more than 15 years, before he passed away in2008.


RSL is the Returned Services League in Australia.