Celebrating the Life of Jamshid Jam


June 22, 2020

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The Zoroastrian Society of Ontario via its newsletter informs us of the passing away of Jamshed Jam. Jamshed was a legendary figure in the Zarathushti community in Toronto.

ZSO writes….

The Wonderful Life of Jamshid Jam

This is to inform you of the peaceful passing away of Jamshid Jam in his home on the night of June 20th, 2020 in his sleep at age 87. He spent his day with his wife Parvin Jam and his 3 children Manochehr, Bahram, and Mandana around him. He had also collected a few ZSO membership forms that day which was his passion and an excuse to call and speak to people he loved.

He continues to be adored by all his grandchildren Nadia, Tara, Roxana, Yasmin, Sam, Tina, Arya and Kourosh, with the fondest memories.

There will be no funeral services as it was his wish to celebrate his life while he was with us which was done exactly one year ago. He was given an award by the Zoroastrian Society of Ontario and the Iranian Zoroastrian Cultural Kanoun for his services and contributions to the community.

He was adamant about not wanting a funeral service where people would mourn his passing but for people to remember his stories and celebrate his many positive life lessons, such as “Enjoy the beauty of nature”!

So please, he wanted everyone to know that he had lived a fulfilled life with no regrets and pure love. He lived by Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds but his most famous words were “Don’t worry, be happy”.

You can view the Jamshid Jam Documentary below and also view the Celebration at ZSO last year in the second video.

Garothman Behest to Jamshid’s Ruvan and may his legacy continue to live through his children and grandchildren and their next generations.