Dina Pestonji: A Profile in Courage and Determination


July 6, 2016

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To our regular readers, the name Dina Pestonji may ring a bell. Way back in 2013 we had posted about her running a marathon after a debilitating and life changing illness.

As Dina writes on her website….

dina_new_webMy name is Dina Pestonji. At 29 years of age, I had a massive stroke requiring emergency brain surgery. When I woke up, I had no voice and couldn’t move the right side of my body. I had become an infant trapped in a womans body…

Through intensive rehabilitation, I (re)learned how to talk, walk and eventually regain all brain functionality. Seven months after my stroke I completed my very first duathlon and just 9 months after the stroke and being bedridden, I ran my 7th half marathon.

My experience as a stroke survivor taught me many things, but above all, it taught me that the struggles I faced throughout my recovery (and continue to face) are not unique – we ALL face our fears on a daily basis and must work to overcome them. I was able to see my way through this immense challenge, and that success has made me a stronger, BETTER person overall. I now know – truly – that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. What an amazing feeling!

Dina has become an International Inspirational Speaker and Coach. She speaks to companies and educational institutions empowering audiences to face their challenges head on.

If you would like to book Dina to speak at an event please visit her website at www.dinapestonji.com

Below are links to two TEDx talks that she gave.

Can we really define innovation in just one way? There are so many ways to define innovation. At the age of 29 Dina had a massive stroke, leaving her without speech and communication. Now, she defines innovation as dreaming.


Dina shares her personal story of experiencing an extremely difficult event in her life that left her hospitalized for months. Forced to relearn how to everything again as an adult, she offers a message of hope to everyone struggling with taking on a challenge in their lives.