Dr. Homi Dastur, Eminent Neurosurgeon Turns 80

Dina Mehta, the power-house Indian blogger writes to inform that

My dad, Dr. Homi Dastur, is 80 today … and you’d never know it if you met him. He’s a neurosurgeon and still operates at Jaslok Hospital, where he has been since 1974, and will until he is 83. One of the pioneering neurosurgeons in India, he set up the neurosurgery department at the KEM hospital way back in 1957. I was telling Stuart about him the other day, who placed a bet that he must be among the oldest practicing neurosurgeons in the world … I wonder if this is true!

Practising at 80, and showing no signs of retiring Dr. Dastur says….

When I asked him what drives him today, why he still operates when he could just relax and enjoy his life – he says simply that patients still come to him for advice and he cannot let them down. Also, there is that element of trepidation and anxiety in neurosurgery, which was never in him when he was doing general surgery – which for him is a challenge – and keeps him going! His advice to any young surgeon is “never let frustration overcome you”.

Dear Doctor, we at Parsi Khabar are mighty proud of you and your achievement, and pray and wish for many many more years of healthy and happy practise.

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  • rajesh

    Dr Dastur has been treating my wife for brain tumour since 2004 when he operated her for the same. No doubt he is one of the most knowledged and skilled neurosurgon in India, but this is not the only good thing about him. His down to earth behaviour, which is very rare in famous surgeons, is one of the key to his greatness.

    We are blessed to have such a surgeon treating my wife.

    Thanks and regards,