Dr. J.J. Bunshah on Total Knee Replacement Surgeries in India


March 24, 2008

Arthritis is a disease that affects millions around the world. There is little we can do to prevent it, besides maintain a healthy lifestyle and control our weight. It is very painful and most afflicted with arthritis find it hard to perform their daily tasks. Thankfully, treatments such as Total Knee Replacement are available in India today and are accessible to everyone.

When arthritis occurs, the cartilage is worn away and the underlying bone becomes exposed. The exposed bone ends roll against each other which results in pain, loss of movement, swelling and deformity.

We interviewed Dr. J.J. Bunshah, M.S (Orth.) D. (Orth.) who operates from a number of hospitals in Mumbai, India.

What does the Total Knee Replacement Surgery involve?

Dr.J.J. Bunshah: It involves removing the worn out cartridge and replacing it with and artificial knee joint

HealthJockey (HJ): When would you recommend this treatment?

Dr. J.J. Bunshah: This is a very important thing. Often, this surgery is misused. You can get arthritis and perhaps everyone will get it at some point. But, less than 10-15% will require this surgery. Unfortunately, the knee replacement surgery has got very ‘glamorized’ after our ex-PM underwent it. Doctors may tell you to undergo it. But, this is one surgery for which I tell the patient that the decision is made by the patient and never ever by the surgeon.

Once we reach 60-70 years, we all are going to have pain in the joints. But, once this pain starts to affect our normal lifestyle, where we reach a point where every step is painful, then one will need a knee replacement.

HJ: What are the types of Arthritis?

Dr. J.J. Bunshah: There is Osteo-arthritis which is an age-related arthritis. So this afflicts elderly people. Now, we also have the younger population getting affected by something called Rheumatoid arthritis. It is a very different kind of arthritis which can affect the youth as young as teenagers. So these young people would also requite to under knee replacement surgery if they are in severe pain and are unable to go about their daily life.

HJ: Arthritis is partly a lifestyle disease. So, what can we do to prevent it?

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