In memoriam: Iranshah Yozdaathregar Mobed Palanji Pirojshah Dastoor


November 7, 2017

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Our dearest friend Ervad Soli Dastur writes a beautiful heartfelt and personal obituary on the passing away of his brother Palanji

It is with a very heavy sad heart I have to inform you about the tragic passing away of my elder brother, Iranshah Yozdaathregar Mobed Palanji Pirojshah Dastoor on Shehenshahi Khordad Maah and Raam Roj 1386 YZ – 11/5/2017.


Palanji got his Mobedi training at the Dadar Athornan Institute and after Navar, Martab and Saamel in Iranshah, joined my father in our village Tarapore Panthak for many years. He then became Panthaki of the Bandra Agiary and finally the Panthaki of the JD Colaba Agiary for 37 years. He resigned from this and stayed in his son Kurush’ Bungalow in Udvada.

He has performed Iranshah Buoy Ceremony every 9 months during our Dastoor Family turn for years. He has trained many a Mobed sons to become Navar and performed the Navar and Martab ceremonies in the Colaba Agiary as well as in Iranshah Atash Behram.

Palanji was well known to be there first to anyone needing help. We grew up together in Tarapore and I have many many pleasant memories of our childhood. He guided me to help our Humdins when needed. With his help, our Dastoor family has done many projects for our Humdins, one being the Iranshah Buoy Mobeds Bangli next to Iranshah within its compound.


When we grew up in Tarapore, there were over 100 families. Now there is only one lady that lives there and a lot of ruined and empty homes. Single handed, Palanji maintained the Vicaji Meherji Tarapur Agiary and Kawasji Mobed Dharamshalla built by Regal Cinema owner Faramji Sidhwa. And on its January 26th Anniversary, Palanji performed a Gahambar Jashan with lunch for over 200 Humdins each year! (please see the attached photos)

He will be sorely missed by his daughter Maharukh and Khushroo, and his son Kurush, Meher and grandsons Farzaad and Yohan, my sister Dhun and Dinshahji, the whole Dastoor family, the whole Iranshah nine families and Jo Ann and myself.

May his soul rest in Garo Demana (The House of Songs)!


And per our religion, on the fourth day dawn Chaahrum, the soul is in front of a tribunal of Meher, Sarosh and Rashne Yazads who balance all the deeds of the soul during its entire life and if its good deeds outweigh the bad, it is allowed to cross the Chinvat Bridge to Garothmaan, Garo Demaana – the House of songs.

I am sure that with the pious and holy life Palanji has lived, his soul will surely advance over the Chinvat Bridge to Garothmaan!

And Zarathushtra promises to escort such holy souls across the Chinvat Bridge in his Gatha Ushtavaiti, Yasna 46, Verse 10 as follows:

Zarathushtra escorts the Holy Souls across the Chinvat Bridge – Yasna 46 – Verse 10

(10) Yeh vaa moi naa genaa vaa Mazdaa Ahuraa,

Daayaat angheush yaa tu voistaa vahishtaa,

Ashim ashaai Vohu Khshathrem Mananghaa,

Yaanschaa hakhshaai khshmaavataanm vahmaai aa,

Fro taaish vispaaish chinvato frafraa peretum.

Zarathushtra escorts the Holy Souls across the Chinvat Bridge – Yasna 46 – Verse 10

The man or woman who performs the work

which has been declared as best by Thee, O Ahura Mazda,

in this world such a person shall enjoy Asha and Khshathra’s reward

which is spiritual strength and serving of humanity.

the said spiritual strength can only be achieved through Vohuman.

I shall teach them, O My Lord, to worship Thee alone,

and shall guide them when they march across the Chinvat Bridge.

(From Translation of Gathas the Holy Song of Zarathustra, from Persian into English by Mobed Firouz Azargoshasb, March 1988, San Diego,   California. Abbreviated AZA.)

SPD Explanation:

1. I have no doubt that our holy prophet Zarathushtra, per his promise, is at the Chinvat Bridge to escort the holy soul of our dear beloved Palanji at his Chaahrum!

2. May Dadar Ahura Mazda, our holy prophet Zarathushtra and holy Iranshah give strength and resolve to his family and friends to pass these sad times of losing him.

3. Please remember that his body may be gone, but his soul will always be with them to help them successfully live their lives in his pleasant memories.

May the Flame of Fellowship, Love, Charity, and Respect for all burn ever eternal in our hearts so we can do HIS work with humility, diligence, and eternal enthusiasm!

Atha Jamyaat, Yatha Aafrinaamahi! (May it be so as we wish!)

Love and Tandoorasti, Soli