India’s Bilimoria appointed to the House of Lords


August 5, 2006

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Indian born, Cobra Beer founder Karan Bilimoria is now entering a more political role in the UK. A promoter of Indo-British ties, Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea has the India story on top of his agenda in his new role, reports CNBC-TV18.

Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea that’s the new title for the founder and Chief Executive of Cobra Beer, Karan Bilimoria. Earlier this week he formally took his seat on the cross benches of the House of Lords. He is the first ever Parsi to be appointed to the upper chamber and is also one of the youngest peers in Britain.

While the peerage is the latest feather in his cap, Bilimoria has been active in promoting Indo-British ties through various forums. He chairs the Indo British partnership and is also the Vice-Chairman of the Asian Business Association of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. His new role, he says, will further promote Indo-British ties.

“I am passionate about what’s happening in India, opportunities are just huge. And now in the House of Lords, I will have the opportunity to help the relationship and take it to higher level,” said Bilimoria.

The beer brand he founded 17 years ago, Cobra, has a retail turnover of GBP 80 million. The company raised over USD 50 million in its largest ever fund raising recently and aims to list on the London stock exchange by June 2009. Cobra is also looking for a larger presence in India.

“We started brewing with Mt Shivalik and that’s going well. We are getting distribution all over the country. We are just about to announce that we are signing up three more breweries,” said Karan Bilimoria, Founder and CEO Cobra Beer.

New announcements, new tie-ups but that’s for another time. Right now, it’s back to the portals of power. All in a days work for Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea.