India’s first daily Angel Oracle messages book gains popularity


March 4, 2016

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ROSHANI ~ (Shenazz Nadirshah) is An Advanced Certified Medium for Angel Card Reading & Holistic Healing, Wholeistic Living Spiritual Coach, Mentor, Empowerist & Counselor; Certified from Charles Virtue, son of Doreen Virtue, USA & Archhana Lakhotia, – AND – A Certified Reiki MASTER – Reiki Healing Medium & Practitioner through the Usui System of Natural Healing By Dr. Mikao Usui.


Roshani-Shenazz-book-The-Divine-Love-launch-Photos-2India’s first book on Angel Oracle messages with 365 days of affirmations, along with channelled illustrations is getting a great response, since its release last month. We spoke to the author Roshani Shenaz about her debut book and more. Excerpts from the interview…

Article by Debarati S Sen

Tell us a little about your debut book. What is it about?

ROSHANI: My debut book is called Angels Speak ~ Your Daily Dose of Divine Love. It is said to be one of the firsts from an Indian author – a book of channelled 365 Days Angel Oracle Messages and affirmations, along with channelled illustrations of the 15 Archangels. It is a book for one and all. Whether anyone is a medium, counsellor who wishes to help clients and loved ones through its guidance, or just about any other on the block of life wanting to invite the assistance of this Divine Task Force as I call them. It is a book even for people who have never ever been on any spiritual path or known anything about the Angels. It’s a heartfelt pouring of channelled information that turned into this simple book, filled with the most potent and powerful energies of the very source of light that we all are – God or the Creator, the Higher Consciousness or whatever name we would wish to call the Grand Old Man up there with. The book is about helping each individual to be spiritually independent to transform their life to what they can truly become, by optimising their own inner potential and limitlessness, thus gradually recognising the latent divinity within themselves and in everyone and everything.

What made you choose this topic for writing your book?

ROSHANI: The work on the book started way back in 2011, when I was guided to channel daily messages and affirmations and put them out on my social networking healing page and other social media. Just before completion of the first year itself, I was given this beautiful message that “in its divine timing these messages and affirmations shall be made into a book, a mobile app, an oracle deck of cards, video messages, computer download software and many other platforms across the spectrum of human reach. It shall be made to become a daily application tool for helping humanity to be ushered into the new phase of their soul’s journey.” I was clearly told that I should speak of it only when guided and whom I am guided to speak to.

In January 2012 my first ever article ‘Heartspeak’ was about to appear in a prestigious life positive magazine. During that time, I received guidance that the magazine should be spoken to for publishing of that guided book, and to speak with the editor. On 9th Dec 2011, I sent a mail, asking her if they would make a book on this concept of 365 Days of Messages and Affirmations.

After the mail, she was kind enough to meet me but tenderly informed me that they do very few books and the decision making team is totally different. I rested my case and knew God would the needful when the time is right. I had gone through the whole process of reaching a conviction, that only that which is meant for everyone’s highest good, in its divine timing is what shall ultimately happen.

51jYRChvJuL._SX296_BO1,204,203,200_When did you first come into contact with the divine?

ROSHANI: I would say partial consciousness of the divine connects was always there all my life. I always felt connected to the divine force or the power of God. I experienced intuitions and dreams too but in the fast paced life as a media and films professional I was always thought to be just a blessed feeling of God’s love and faith being translated into events. As a child even though being born a Zoroastrian, I grew up with a very close bond and affiliation with Lord Ganesha. My first brush with the Lord Ganesha was way early in life when I was a 10-months toddler. The major turn-around points of this divine force was experienced at three to four key events in my life, the major being during my brush with death during my prolonged illness in 2005, and the last being in 2009 when the entire Mary Poppins bag seemed to have opened up, spilling divine guidance and messages left, right and centre.

Tell us about Meher Baba – since when and how do you know Him and have been following Him?

ROSHANI: As I truly know, believe and live by this fact that; I do not follow Meher Baba. I love Him, I love God. And each day I try to seek His help and grace to love Him more and more and to see, feel and experience His Glory in everyone and everything. Yes I mean everyone and everything which includes the seeming bad as we term it in our earthly ways. We all know Him since lifetimes, but in this life and incarnation I consciously know of Him since 2010. The important thing being, we do not go to Him, or know of Him, rather it is He who brings us to Himself, and brings His Name to our tangible senses of experiencing life.

What is your message to your readers?

ROSHANI: My message to all my lovely human siblings is that we break free from any and all dogmatic thoughts and beliefs that bind us or that which separate us from our true self. To move away from thoughts of a punishing God. To be God loving rather than God fearing. To respond rather than react to life and its situations or people. I wish to be that ‘fellow journeyor’ helping them to tap into the reservoir of their unlimited self, break free from all illusions and shine their light upon the world each day, in any small or big way they are ordained and at a soul level chose to do so. To know that even if we know of it or not, whether it is small or large, we all have a purpose to serve. Just the very intent with conscious awareness that ‘I wish to serve my purpose’, shall start opening doorways to its manifestation.

Is there another book in the pipeline?

ROSHANI: Yes the second book is in the pipeline and has been embraced by the same publishers.